DOOM Eternal Showcase (Nov. 22, 2019 Release Date)

Oh I can’t wait… Some of this looks EPIC!


It’s like my childhood come back, but better.


Fuck yes! Everything about that reveal was hype and I want to see more.

Gotta say, depending on how that invasion mechanic is handled it may very well replace Resi 6’s Agent Hunt for me. Balance is going to be a major selling-point on that particular mode, though.

EDIT: “Remember, demon can be an offensive term, refer to them as mortally challenged.” That has got to be one of the best jabs at political correctness I’ve ever heard.


I’m gonna need a new GPU, also the people in the crowd cheering need their head examined

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Yeah, reviewing the footage, I’d LOVE to see that, I’ve been waiting for years for a game to do something similar to the invasion system, provided it gets implemented.

Well, Resi 6 had a good idea with Agent Hunt, the problem was that the balance was so bad that the Agents could effectively become unstoppable with what was given to them in-game, no cheats needed. I’m hoping that IDSoftware do a good job balancing the invasion mechanic, because I love the concept of the mechanics as presented in Resi 6 and now Doom: Eternal.

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I don’t mind speed but they put so much work into everything I actually don’t like how fast it goes because I won’t be able to take in all the details.

I’m also not a fan of how much they flash and blink to say that you can do the cool melee kill. Can you turn that down?

If it plays out like the prior DooM, then after you finish the combat in an area you can take some time to look around.

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Out of all the things about the game, 3 things surprised me:

One - You can dash in mid-air while meathooking demons.

Two - We get to use the Crucible Sword.

Three - ID gave an interview to Polygon. After the way they botched 2016 Doom’s first 30 minutes, if I were ID, I wouldn’t let them approach me, not even for a fricking stick of gum.

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Que? :confused:

This is gameplay by Arthur Gies, reviews editor from polygon, formerly from IGN. It’s so unbelievably bad, at first I thought it was a joke video.

I don’t see anything worse than me on a bad day.

Take that for what it’s worth.

I hear you and I agree. He might have had a bad day. However, the footage in question was from a professional vg site. If I was in charge of a vg site, I wouldn’t approve this video going out.

Cause legit watching it for the first time I thought it was a joke and then that there was a problem with the game when in fact, subsequent vids from different sources showed me there was a problem with the player.

I am not saying you have to be mlg in order to post a vid on behalf of a major gaming site but you have to be at least competent enough. For my money, the video does a very poor job of showing the game’s sense of motion, which is extremely important for Doom.


Agreed and I should have mentioned that I would not use video I captured of it resulted in that kind of output for a major site.


This is looking so damn good, like holy shit.
nd that part about dismembering demons? Hell yeah, I’m glad more devs are developing such mechanics. Of course, there was Dead Space a while back, I know TRS thought about it with the hunters (partially), and imho Horizon Zero Dawn did it amazingly (being able to snipe certain parts off, or have them fall off during combat). Even though it seems that it won’t do extremely much gameplay-wise (the mancubus seemed to be unphased when it came to it’s flamethrowers apart from a stun), but it’s a great detail that enhances the game so much without just pumping up the graphics more and more and more.

I must say though, the gameplay seemed a bit… slow? Perhaps it’s because they had to show stuff off and the slowed it down, or if it’s because it’s pre-release footage, but in DOOM 2016 you go a lot faster.
But all those new movement abilities, I can already drool about the possibilities :drooling_face:

Nevermind, that second bit of footage was better :joy:

Holy fuck, that first bit on Phobos… first time seeing alive and ‘normal’ humans :joy: And that gun, that was massive… looked like some kind of BFG-esque tech. Thing is, if there’s a demon invasion going on, and that gun fires at something… that must be a BFD

And damn, seemed they took the old guns and gave them a literal upgrade. Wonder what happened to say, the DOOM 2016 plasma rifle, if that’s changed slightly, reused for another weapon, or just outright replaced by the old ‘new’ plasmarifle :thinking:

That fight with the Baron of Hell (or is it a seperate demon from the OG doom 2? It’s been a while since playing that :thinking:), that looked so damn amazing. Like, how it slowly lost it skin as the fight went on :drooling_face:

Coming back to my previous remark about the new skin for the weapons, it seemed they kept the same amount of weapons, but with new skins; the plasma rifle got it’s ‘old’ look back, while the gauss cannon got this stake-driver look. Not bad, fits with the theme. Same goes for the demons, the imps and stuff seemingly more ‘mature’ (more spikes and the like), the mancubi without all the technological augs they got at the Mars facility, etc. etc.

Right, ramble post over, this is shaping up to be fucking amazing


Hey @GrizzleMarine, I saw that the official Doom Twitter page retweeted your art! :stuck_out_tongue:


I KNOW! Memeber or ID software even took a photo off me and putting it up in there offices :DD


You lucky fella, saw a lot of positive comments as well! Keep doing what you’re doing, people like it.


Ok. Im interested.