Don't you love it when you get a group of randoms that just click?


Figured I’d break the trend of people complaining about randoms.

I just got grouped with some randoms (I had spawned into the match prior,monster already at stage 3, and we lost)
We all,without discussing, went elite characters and worked together flawlessly.

It was glorious, I present the video:


Ok, no offense, you all played well, had good communication and all, but omg…that monster…that was disappointing to say the least :confused:
He seemed to have 0 idea what he was doing tbh


Sometimes when you get pressure on someone stage 1 they lose their minds lol.

Guy definitely did not know where to go, he kept trapping himself really.


He sat in that corner so long I wanted to grab him by the face and tell him to go to the other side of the map like GAH it drove me crazy :stuck_out_tongue:



But everytime he DID finally try to leave, our trapper was in the perfect spot to dome him again.
I seriously never even saw him move sometimes, I had to go back to the recording just to see where he went.


The whole getting corned thing would have been ok…if he had been armoring up…but he wasn’t…so I’m just…confuuuused


Agreed, we played a match last night against a hell of a good Goliath (Or at least, in the first game!) he made it to stage 2 after baiting the dome and running like hell, Evolved and smoked us at Stage 2, hands down, one of those “Did anyone catch the number of that semi that just hit me?” moments.

Next game, I got Trapper, he did Goliath again, I managed to dome him stage 1 and our assault stayed ON this guy as he tried to dome-run. Cracked his armor and only took ~a bar of HP, but after that dome the Monster was clearly panicked. Hitting edges with leaps, staying in LOS for retranqs (Though I will note it was Wraith Trap w/ a Val as Medic, pretty open) and I was staying no more than ~20meters behind his as Maggie.

After another dome (He managed to gain about 4 bars of armor) and about half his health later, he was clearly in panic mode. He gained a little ground on us this time, but only because it was something that almost let me catch back up and walk alongside him: We found the Nomad :stuck_out_tongue:

Next game… he wrecked us. Then we beat him. Then I left to join a friend when they came on. It was fun, the back-and-forth curb stomping. I could tell both groups involved were learning from their previous games, adjusting to counter the antic of the other team in the next game, and so on.

Calm down, Quirkly! It’ll be okay! :stuck_out_tongue:


No it won’t, the hunters won, that’s no bueno >:(


yes, I love it was silent hunters have such synergy with each other. It’s like we can read each other’s minds, like how I can read @Quirkly 's mind


No way man, no one can enter there and live to tell the tale…


I have Plenty of times. Nothing special, nothing I don’t deal with everyday in my mind


Yes, I love a good group of randoms. Even if we lose, if I feel like everyone did their part and we all worked well together, it’s awesome.


@Quirkly Watching noob Monsters play is so painful. :stuck_out_tongue: Keep mentally screaming for them to do something and they just suck and they get your baby killed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well at least it was only a Kraken ^.^


liked the slow at the end. Good team but kind of sucky monster


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