Don't you just love this


Cause I sure as hell do!


I cry every time I miss a dome.

Don’t mock me Q_Q


Throw a rock at it!



Only thing more fun than seeing a dome from the outside is watching it stay up for the full minute because they think they caught you.

Bonus points if they caught Wraith’s decoy while she escaped.


haha that’s even better


No, because I play a hunter.


No because it ends up in me shouting at the Trapper to turn the damn dome off and they don’t listen :sob:



This is why I can not stand people who don’t have/use a mic. When I play as trapper and I can not get a 100% visual that stinky is or isn’t in the dome I call out. “In or out?!”

And if someone else is the trapper and the dome misses and I see the mob bolt I call it out to get the dome back up.

Communication is lost on people.


Audio is so important in this game. I used to play with music on as monster but it really is much much harder as you can’t hear when the dome is coming down and can’t get those quick jumps in to escape



Edit: Sorry for small text, only way I know of to have hashtags