Don't want to play skrimish

Now I don’t want this to come off as selfish or whatever. But i can’t be the only one who wants to play monster on ranked hunt mode, which if you do, you know how impossible that is too do. But I haven’t played a single match on ranked hunt as monster since a week after patch. Seems I end up waiting 15-25 or even more in some cases waiting for matches. I eventually just give up and party up with hunters. I wish that skirmish wasn’t an option or something because people would be forced to play this game mode. I don’t know if this would fix the situation or what.

I think defend is such a ridiculously broken game mode and let’s the already broken monster rollhemoth flourish more then he does in hunt mode. I wish we could just have Arena and Hunt. That’s just my opinion.

EDIT: 13 minutes in, I find 4 hunters and they all leave before the game que’s.

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Although Skirmish divides the playerbase it is very necessary. You can either play ranked and have a challenge but you’ll wait a while if okay Skirmish, possibly pub stomp, but you’ll get fast waiting times. It was a necessary addition for those who didn’t want to wait 8 years to play.

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I agree, I just feel like if it was just ranked and arena, the wait times wouldn’t be so bad.


I would actually play the non-ranked mode if it was Arena instead of “Skrimish”. I’m sad that they mixed it with the other modes, as although I enjoy arena, I don’t want to have to go through the Defend and Hunt games to get there :L

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Yeah bro, its terrible on ps4, but if you dare utter that Behemoth is OP, PC people will come “educate” you because he needs a buff (I agree he is the definition of Rollhemoth/Buffhemoth. But to be on topic, it takes dumb long to find a match that it literally is just swallowing my time.

He is pretty bad on PC though. I play on Xbox and usually my Premade can wreck him but when I play with Randoms it usually doesn’t end well.


I played him on PC, there is no difference, his damage is still insanely OP. The only way to counter hills is climbing speed, then he is ridiculous because eventually you will be smacked down to a bad place.

Today I actually played a good amount of monster matches in ranked mode within an hour or two. They were decent teams as well (All silvers).

In comparison to the damage Hunters can do. On PC the Hunters have better aim and Trappers usually focus on DPS. On consoles, well sometimes I wonder if they are playing with the controller in their feet.


Trappers, Or people in general?

I agree with your statement, but Behemoth is the easiest target to hit, so if they can’t hit him… Then wtf?

That’s what the PC crowd is arguing. If they cannot hit Bob on Consoles that is on them.

Though Bob does need a tiny nerf.

Why don’t you just chase it?

I cannot agree more dude!

People wouldn’t be playing “skirmish” just to play hunt without the wait times. They play ranked hunt, and play arena when they were in the mood.

Ranked doesn’t have a player base because you can just play skirmish and keep skipping defend and just play hunt or arena.

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Behemoth is not OP, i rarely see behe monster.

Its so easy to kill, spread out, stay a way from caves. hold your position and kite.

I remember the last few times some of the best monster players attempted to play bob in PC ESL, let’s just say they didn’t end well and that there is a reason he is almost never picked in PC ESL

On topic, even if everyone from skirmish went to ranked mode, there would always be more monsters, because solo queueing as hunter is a death sentence 50% of the time, no skilled hunter wants to solo queue and get paired with hunters who have no idea how to play the game or have literally just finished the tutorial in a ranked game mode, so they play monster, which means too many monsters

We need Skirmish and if you don’t know why: People leave. I stopped playing Evolve for 2 weeks because I didn’t wanted to wait for over 10 Minutes to find a monster game. I want to play when I want, and if I want to play hunter, I don’t want to wait until 3 other people from my friendlist are online.

I don’t like Skirmish at all, the whole concept of Skirmish feels like making use of leftovers. It’s a slap in the face of any player who does not have a regular group of people he/she can play with Ranked matches. Monster players might find Skirmish OK as they solo anyways but for Hunter players it’s worse than what we had before Hunt 2.0.

I like skirmish for when I don’t feel like tryharding in ranked.