Don't think I will ever complain about being monster again


Just played some dead by daylight and wow…

Trying to be a killer in that game seems like pure luck. I kept getting the junkyard which basically lets survivors infinite juke you. At least in Evolve I stand some chance.

That game is some next level BS. Its like if dark souls, evolve, and that friggen level from battle toads had an unholy abomination of a child somehow.


I play DbD and I do agree that game is hard but I don’t think its as hard and pressuring as playing monster.

But I have to say its just as salty.


Really? I’ve never played it, but from what I’ve seen, playing as the killer looks easy as hell.


In DbD, Wraith looks frankly the harder killer, followed up by Hill Billy and then the Trapper (switch their position if you’re skilled enough with Hill Billy though).

… and then finally there is The Nurse, who laughs at infinites and so many other things like… walls… you know…


Playing killer may seem easy, espcially at lower levels. But just like Evolve the power shifts drastically near the high levels, survivors have more strategies to work with and have more powerful perk combination to help them on top of those hide and seek strats.


Did they remove windowcheese yet?


I find that game to be very boring. More boring than no man sky :slight_smile: . The mechanics and more than anything the message of the game…Just when you thought games couldn’t get any more violent. I feel for the kids that play it, even tho is probably Rated M. US humans are way too lost.


Just like evolve. Killer play at high level is survivors who you’ll be lucky to even see, and you’ll be chasing for 30 seconds at a time if you want to catch them, plus cheese like infinites and the trinity memeperks, leaving you feeling helpless despite ostensibly being powerful.

These however should be outnumbered by games where dumbass survivors basically hook themselves. And so the game will never be balanced properly.

Just like evolve.

Protip: Pressure generators. Stopping generators from getting done is your real job. Slows the game down and you get points just for chasing/hitting survivors, who will eventually make a mistake if you’re always on the gens.

As for comparisons to evolve, evolve is harder because it is a deeper more competitive game. DbD has less going on, is less mechanically difficult, and everyone wins/loses independently so the idea of getting ‘beaten’ is a bit more fuzzy than in evolve.


The match making is atrocious. I cant do much as a no perk killer. Also some of the maps have infinite loops that make survivors almost impossible to catch.


Honestly it isnt all that graphic with anything. The hook is so goofy with how people can just get off it and walk away that I can’t take it seriously. Add in all the comical self cc the killer has and the game becomes more humour to me than suspense.


I really like the idea of Dead by Daylight and played the hell out of it getting rank 1 on both killer and survivor several seasons (And beta) in a row. However, I am firmly in the notion that the Devs are clueless. They don’t know how to fix the huge issues that are still in the game since release. RNG to ‘sort of fix’ infinites? What a joke. SWF should NOT have been in the game until they fixed a lot of the matchmaking issues. There is an incredible gem underneath all the poop, but right now… I stopped playing. Too much poop, not enough gem coming through my games.


isn’t DbD too repetitive ? i play hide and seek with tank in l4d2, maybe i should make a simple guide for it. its 4 vs 1 too


There is enough variation between maps, killer, perks etc… that it doesn’t feel too repetitive at least to me. I mean, it’s not much different than Evolve feeling repetitive. Your goals are the same, but the characters change interactions between players enough that it doesn’t feel too repetitive.


I really wanna try DbD, but right now I can’t really afford to get into it right now. @MaddCow, if you wouldn’t mind, what’s crappy about it right now?

I’m a monster main, and it looks like being the killer is like being monster but way more strategic and less brawl-y.


The matchmaking is REALLY bad. TO compare it to evolve, imagine that the higher level you are, the more perks you have access to. So when you first start you only have access to 1-2 perks and those perks are randomized. Matchmaking pits you up against people that are 40 levels more than you and have access to almost ALL of the perks. The game is balanced around perks, not levels/ranks and it does a horrible job with this.

SWF (Survive with friends) means you can queue up with your friends even though there is a custom game option. The game has no built in microphone support, and in my opinion it shouldn’t. Not being able to know where/what other people on your team are doing is great and fulfills that niche that it’s a horror movie game and that you shouldn’t have all the information to counter the killer. However, with SWF you can queue up with friends and then go to Discord, Teamspeak, Ventrillo or any other forms of communication and it makes the survivors (Who are arguably stronger) EVEN more so. Because the matchmaking is so bad, this means that not only might you be paired up with players that have MUCH stronger perks than you, you are also playing against a team that can talk to eachother from other sides of the map and coordinate to take you down even more.

The engine itself has issues. Most notably physics and speed. There are a couple mechanics, and a perk, that allows you to increase your movement speed for a short burst for a few seconds. However, the game doesn’t handle acceleration correctly and a lot of time this means crashing into the wall/clutter instead of the direction you want to go because of how this works. To make matters worst, there is a lot of visual input lag which I will talk about later which can also have an affect on this.

As a Survivor, there are windows you can hop through or barricades you can throw down but in the end these are supposed to buy you time. However, the maps either have too little or too many of these which means it can take ages for a good survivor to be caught. Or some maps where there isn’t enough and the killer can just kill everyone without much effort. However, there are some maps that have buildings and windows placed such that they create ‘infinite loops’ which means the survivor can keep going around in circles between a window or side and the killer literally cannot catch up to them. This basically forces the killer to go to someone else and let that survivor get away (Often times with a perk that allows them to heal themselves without a med kit {Again, perk disparity}) or spend the entire match trying to catch 1 person and everyone else gets away. The Devs idea of ‘fixing’ infinites, is to have the map randomize what windows/clutter spawns in certain areas to try and prevent those infinites loops when all it would take is a simple window to be removed, or to change a window into a door. SUPER simple, but instead they have this new horrible RNG system that doesn’t even fix all of the infinite spots. There are still a bunch that exist that don’t offer ANY rng chances for it to go away.

The newest killer. This was the final nail to cement my notion that the devs don’t have a clue. She is a cool fun character to play, for sure, but she doesn’t work within the current game correctly. Pallets and Windows are supposed to buy time to get away from the killer, but this killer can teleport over and through walls, not only that but can immediately attack after teleporting. This means that once you get good with the teleport you literally cannot get away from the killer unless the killer messes up. The counter to this, of course, would be ‘don’t get caught/seen’ which is good in theory, but doesn’t work in practice. Too many tools/resources for the killer to work around that.

Another issue is the pallets themselves. I don’t know what happened in patch 1.0.3 but they changed the way pallets were being interacted with by the survivors. It used to be a good way to stun the killer. However, now when you throw down the pallets unless you pull it while running through it AND before you reach 50% of the way through it, you’ll stop to turn around and throw the pallet instead of just pulling it down while running. This means you’ll get hit if the killer does a lunge attack and you are close enough when before you could ‘stun’ the killer for trying to lunge. On top of this, sometimes you ‘teleport’ to the wrong side of where the pallet gets dropped and not only did you not stun the killer, you are literally right next to him because the pallet said screw you and teleported you to the wrong side when it was pulled down.

In general these are a few of the big issues and I don’t want to make it sound like the game isn’t fun because like I said, I’ve put hundreds of hours into it and REALLY like the core concept. I just don’t believe the Devs have a clue and the engine and patches aren’t fixing the big issues.


Actually it’s the opposite to me. To me survivors feel more like the monster player than Killer. As the survivor it’s all about engaging and processing information quickly and juking the killer.


Us new players get screwed pretty hard. Not all the controls are well described (I still have no idea how to struggle for instance) and the perks make catching/running away almost impossible for new people. Which means new people score way fewer points and take even longer to level up.


Well I was skeptical about the game for a long time and after watching your videos I saw infinite jukes and really bad bugs that drove me off but after the free weekend I had decided to buy it.

Unfortunately the hours I put in during that weekend were only enough to see the good and not the bad so now as time goes on I find more and more issues with the game. Similarly to Evolve I really enjoy playing it but also like Evolve I see myself enjoying it, learning the meta and getting really into it but then quitting when the Devs don’t make right choices or ones I agree with.

As of late I’ve taken a break from Evolve because of the whole “Deepest Dark” fiasco but as always I will come back. I fear Dead By Daylight will be a similar occurrence, something I deeply enjoy but am forced to watch from the sidelines as things go wrong left and right.


There’s a lot of crappy games out there. It’s nice to contrast them with Evolve and appreciate how better designed it is.


Bought the game about a week ago after getting some unexpected cash - wow, does this just seem poorly designed.

First off, who the hell balances a game around basically play time, and then does so little for matchmaking? I’m constantly going with 1 or 0 perks against people with full, powerful perks. It’s ok as a survivor, because at least they’re on my side, but as a killer it’s just terrible.

Secondly, the “tutorial” is almost nonexistant. I’ve had to look up so many things online and guides and whatnot because the game explains almost nothing. I got a perk that let me see “blood spots” more easily, without knowing what those were, so I head online just to see other people say they’re basically invisible with or without the perks. Good thing I was forced to waste what few blood points I have on entirely useless things.

I might call it after tonight. Tried playing trapper and this team existed to sabotage my hooks, and that was about it. Are the hooks in the basement unable to be sabotaged or something? Because those were all that were left. Luckily, I had an offering that let me kill a player without sacrificing them, and guy #2 was just an idiot, but the other two took forever to get - and in the end, I only got one. I’d down a guy, walk halfway across the map with him, he’d wriggle free, rinse, repeat. He’d just keep running towards and infinite loop, where he kept making mistakes and tea-bagging instead of just actually running from me, since he knew the consequences weren’t all that sever. I only finally got him after doing that about 8 times because he finally walked into a trap I’d set specifically to get them as they tried to run (while using other traps to protect other ways out or the remaining generators). Like, is there any sort of counter to that strategy? What can I possibly do, except “find them before they sabotage the hooks”?
Edit: apparently the counter is a perk I don’t have. Yaaaay.

All in all, it was a well over half an hour long round, and I think despite sacrificing 2, killing 1, beating the ever living hell out of them, and breaking just about every pallet on the map, I only got one point towards ranking up and about 17k blood points. Great, that’s enough for 3 one-time addons that really don’t do a whole lot anyways.

I love the concept, and a lot of it is done right, but what’s done wrong is terrible. How hard is it to put a cap on wriggling? If you free yourself, get downed again, next time you’re picked up, it’s harder to get free. You wriggle 3 times, next time, he just drops you and you lay instead of being able to run. I wouldn’t even be mad about the sabotage if that was implemented - I have to walk farther, but eventually, I will get you there, if you pull this nonsense. And actually design the maps without infinite loops, instead of hoping RNG does it for you. Maybe even put in a timer - after 20 minutes, the Entity highlights all survivors, so they can’t just farm you for points forever with superperks.