Don't Starve Together!


Does anybody here play it ? ( excluding me of course ) And what do you think about it :3 ?


Idk what that is, I’ll have to check in a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


played it, its an okay game. same thing as dont starve, only with other people. it adds alittle more difficulty in surviving because you gotta now worry about others, unless of course you toggle pvp when creating a server and you wanna only worry about yourself.

as always preparing for winter and suriving through it is harsh, esp with others that aren’t pulling their weight, i found that some people will sit in camp and just eat all your food, and by the time winter comes, you have nothing left.

if you like dont starve, and you’ve always wanted a multiplayer experience with it, its a great game to play but i can see where it will get annoying when people eat all your hard work away, or burn your camp to the ground.


Isn’t that bad, seems like you got the wrong side of the player-base xD


actually i was the one who burnt someones camp down hahahha, i did get some of the wrong side, but it made it that much more challenging to survive, it really isnt that bad, and i still play it from time to time.


Im hoping they add RoG to it soon, ive just played on a server with a guy that basically only used traps and rabbits, and that is basically nerfed in RoG XD


yeah i like RoG alot, i wanna play as webber, but you’re right traps and rabbits can definitely survive through the winter. i know that was the strat me and a few others would attempt, then we’d get people stealing our rabbits lol


It seems you either played on PvP servers or didn’t build a base far away xD

Also, there is a mod that enables webber and wigfried, if the server host has it on, you can pick them.


not far away enough yeah.


Would you like to play sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: ?


i didn’t know they had that mod working yet, and sure man. im not doing much besides work and waiting for evolve these days.


Haha, whats your name on steam ?


I’m waiting for it to go free for DS owners.

I’m mainly worried that we won’t be able to use mods… I made two custom characters ( one for me, one for my friend ) and I want us to be able to play as our own characters ;~;


There are already mods on workshop.


Indeed, the developers even recommended for people who wanted RoG characters to install a specific mod thats adds 2 of them, there is also alot more mods, and they work quite well.


Is this out on the PS4 yet? I enjoyed Don’t Starve and would love to pick it back up with this expansion


Only information about it is that its on steam, no word on PS4 and such.


I’ve played it a little bit! Seems a little easier when you have a friend helping, but sticking together can sometimes be difficult.


Indeed, and dying is not fun >_<


Played it with 3 friends for like 2 hours. Its a fun game, but i played on a map where there is almost no food, we kept dying lol.