Don't start games with bots


When you start a game with bots, you’re cheating yourself out of a legitimate game and dragging in other players who would rather be placed in a lobby. Both Monster and Hunter players prefer to pick their own character and perks from lobby.

If your game starts with bots, please vote to return to lobby.

Turtle Rock, I think you should change the lobby timer so that games don’t start with bots in them. Or, give us the option to extend the timer.


I typically just wait before accepting my perk to see if someone in the game joins in. It works most of the time, but when it doesn’t I do get annoyed. Maybe if the bots had better pre set selections as in they randomize the hunters and give them the most commonly used perks for that hunter. Instead of Val with capacity on the bots we can get Laz with reload (although a bot laz is still terrible) or a Caira reload or capacity (I like capacity but I know others like reload). It would give the hunters a better advantage instead of being handicapped so severely.



BUT: You guys at turtle rock (@MacMan) shouldn’t make the lobby start a game, when there are not enough players to fill all the slots, in the first place.


I agree 100%. Playing with bots is totally pointless, they degrade and illegitimize the game


It would take even longer to get these matches started if we had to wait for a full lobby.

Other games that are setup like this are very frustrating. You will sit there waiting for that one last spot to be filled and have people keep leaving the lobby to restart their search.


your crazy my best chances at winning are with bots. ppl are useless lol


What they said.^^^

I couldn’t disagree more with the OP. I want the game to start as quickly as possible. I don’t care if I run with bots because I hate waiting. The loading times are bad enough. I really don’t like the people who deliberately stall the timer either.


What? My PC is not the best and it loads everything in no time. O_o


My best chances are also with bots
im level 40


They can never load fast enough for me. Staring at a loading screen is never how I want to spend my gaming time. It’s just an impatience thing. I want to get to the fun and waiting is not part of that equation.


It’d be nice if people could vote from the lobby to start the game and go to character selection. If a simple majority of players are ready to go, start the countdown! Then if most people don’t want to wait, they can start the game, and if most would prefer another player or two, then the lobby can wait.

It’d also be nice for allowed to chat a bit with your opponent(s) after games in more casual lobbies. It’d be a handy feature, I think.


Haha not hank and val are better then most people I see in pubs! Lol I get where your coming from just don’t want to wait even longer to find a game, this is why there is JIP too, I rather have them fix the preference system with monster, wouldn’t want them to change how it is now as people will keep leaving if there is one spot to be filled just to have another player join when that happens and then leave as well 10 seconds later…


I end up getting bots lately, unless I que with a premade. I would rather start one with bots, than wait for people to come and go when they see elite skins.


Several of you have commented that they are willing to play with bots, and even that you prefer playing with bots. I’m curious to know what levels you are? Most of the players I meet in public games perform better than bots, but I play with level 40’s.


I don’t prefer playing with bots but would choose that over longer wait times.

I am lv40 with all but two elites.