Don't quit if you lose damn it xD


Got a trial for playstation plus to download micro patch, Went online with Behemoth and beat a team easily/Not bragging but i did xD and then they quit. Don’t quit, Keep playing till you win. This happened like 4 times and one guy playing laz was really good but after i beat him he quit. And two people in one game left mid game cause i was winning xD


I have no idea what level you are, I’ll just assume below 40 if you’re actually winning people with that terribad monster, but people can quit for multiple reasons, e.g people are playing like crap and running off on their own and getting eaten by plants and wildlife, etc.


The funny thing is the people that usually carried the team down quit. If you’re good enough, and spend enough time in a lobby theoretically the good players should start filling up the hunters.


The bad part is i am level 40 xD


I normally don’t quit after a single loss, but it can happen if the hunters I was with were really terribad or just unpleasant (I won’t stay in a game if people are flaming eachother, no matter if I win or lose) or if the monster gave me an awful experience (Traversal/pounce spamming Kraken, run-for-20-mins monster …)

As far as losing to a good monster, I normally will give it another go, especially if the match was challenging. However, if I get stomped 3 or 4 times in a row, I’m unlikely to stay for much longer.


I don’t know why, but I’ve been watching this trend of “Good players are leaving matches, and bad ones are staying”… It’s usually most noticeable when a dedicated monster player joins… lol.

I’ll typically leave the game when I’m done with it… I have a high tolerance for things as a hunter, but when I get stomped as a monster I typically decide to put the mouse down and walk away. The game as the monster can be really frustrating right now… with such high mobility and varied abilities, you can really feel “shut down”.

I suspect that’s why people leave most of the time. They seek out better pairings of players.


Behemoth is far from “terribad”, he’s more than balanced after the patch (although I would still reduce lava bomb cast time) he just takes skill to use, as he is hard to learn and even harder to master.


When you say terribad are you taking into account the many buffs he got? He should be really good now.


If that’s what you think then more power to you. As far as playing in a pre-made or a pug lobby with people that know their arse from their elbow goes, the behemoth is usually just a giant bullseye target that you can troll to the high heavens by avoiding fights in closed areas and forcing fights in elevated areas with places to consistently juke to or jetpack towards, Sunny is just the final nail in the behemoths already-made coffin.


Obviously you don’t know how to make good use of your abilities if you’re having that much trouble. I have a 10 wlr with behemoth, and I can tell you that you don’t need to be playing people who "don’t know their arse from their elbows " to do well


Most of the time its them leaving becaus of a troll trapper or troll medics…when you beat them did you see trapper dome or even see him at all. Same with medic ( i had a game yesterday where trapper would see me but it never occured to him to dome or stasis me he was abe. And medic slim who played stupidly agressive where i sneak pounced him away from his team).every one left but the trolls. Then i left…im actualy a terrible behemoth player XD


You mis-understand me, what I’m saying is that I have yet to lose to a behemoth because it’s such a trash monster, regardless of what Hunter comp I’ve been with. I don’t play the monster if I can help it.


People usually quit not because they don’t like losing, but because they don’t like playing with people that they’ve identified as hunters that can’t give the team a chance of winning. I quit a game earlier thanks to hunters that just absolutely didn’t know what they were doing, didn’t have time for it :leopard:


That’s the point, he’s not trash, he’s a great monster, but again, just takes skill to use well


Behemoth isn’t really terrible.


I have faced premades and won quite consistently with behemoth, you just gotta know when to rockwall and where to place it and you get a free kill.