Don't pick on behemoth!


Behemoth has a heart as well you. just like all of us…
Even if it’s dangling out of his stomache but who cares!
Behemoth has a heart.


It’s just that his heart is too big for his body!


Am I the only one that first thought the title said: “Don’t pick Behemoth!”? Thought it was going to be a Behemoth UP thread again xD


I love Bob


I suggest we pick on him more. His fellow friends are durable, but why not him? He’s made out of rock but apparently his armor/health depletes quickly. Why can’t he be like goliath? All strong and durable! If goliath and behemoth would get into a scuffle, you know goliath will throw that boulder in his mouth in order to shut him up. Behemoth would just leave the boulder in his mouth because he knows his armor will be broken with a leap smash.


The behemoth should go on a diet. His friends are embarrassed to even be seen with him and never include him in cut scenes.


That’s what he gets. Just imagine if wraith, kraken, goliath, and behemoth get ambushed by the 16 hunters. I think we know who will drop first, while the other 3 are giving a tough fight. It’s quite ironic since behemoth is the most biggest and looks more tougher.

Goliath > Kraken > Wraith > Mammoth Bird > Behemoth


Mammoth Bird > Kraken > Goliath > Wraith > Everything else > Behemoth
Mammoth Bird is OP.



Mammoth Bird = Cupcake > Kraken > Goliath > Wraith > Everything else > Behemoth.

Fixed it for you.


Mammoth bird of course is probably the most OP since it’s barely in stage one, and is also capable of taking behemoth down. We know this as a fact because a mammoth bird killed the behemoth in the first time it was being streamed. Mammoth bird’s 3 other abilities are unknown, but good thing he chooses not to use them.

So if we exclude mammoth bird, the new sequence shall be: Goliath, Kraken, Wraith, all future monsters, and then behemoth.

I’m sorry but behemoth is hated by most people. He’s supposed to be DLC and 4th tier monster… sighs


But that electric charge isn’t even the Mammoth Bird’s ability! It’s his bloody melee!


Goliath could throw a rock into Behemoth’s gut to cover up those hanging intestines. That would be a good fix.


There you go! That will make him durable! Developers, please put a boulder on behemoth’s stomach, and give the background story of goliath being his savior.


The weakest monster . SLOW CLAP OR TRS