Dont let the game become like this


I was playing evac with a full lobby of randoms it was day 5 I haven’t played defend in awhile I’m excited, I just got markovs elite skin so I pick him wanting to truly check it out and as soon as the game starts my whole team darts forward and in a couple seconds I see a dome come up. I feel confused at this point but I’m not going to follow along because I knew that’s not how defend is meant to be played but as I’m questioning it 2 minions pop out and I’m left to deal with them myself while my team still has a dome up and only took 2 bars of armour of so far(fighting a kraken) and they do this the entire game but of course it wasn’t a long one because the minions tore through the generators like it was nothing. After the game was over I get a message saying "fuking trash assault. My bad for doing the objective and not bum rushing the monster as if it were a hunt game. Anyone got any input about the community and how they pull sht like this sometimes?


Sometimes rushing the monster is a viable option. It would have been nice if they communicated the plan to you though.


Keeping the minions under control isn’t such a huge deal if the guard-turrets are still standing, in my experience. I’ve come to use a few strategies in defend, and there is really something to be said for rushing the monster and putting damage on it early.

The easiest way my team has learned to do it is by combining dome timing to either do heavy damage to the monster, or to run the clock by keeping it (and sometimes the minions) away from the generators.

But, yes, having communication between the team certainly helps streamline the strategy.


You really should go directly for the monster in defend, tough.
If the monster go all in on the last generator, it goes down extremely quick, so if the monster have over half its health at the end you have lost. :confused:


This must be some new tactic in all my defend games I haven’t seen anything like it but what fun is it it makes the generators the turrents all that extra goodness pointless it just seems like a tactic for people who care wayy to much about their win/loss ratio.


I see what you guys are saying though dealing in some good damage in the beginning seems like something I would be open to but it was a lobby with no one using mics of course so I was blindsided with it all and to get hate for it afterwards just made me feel shameful about where this game could be going


It’s hard, but try not to let them get you down. It’s not your fault they failed explain what they were doing.


It seems like Evolve is in the middle of an identity crisis. The tryhards want a “professional” game out of every PUG which is unrealistic, and the pubbies seem to be getting sick of the tryhards wanting to force everyone to play like they do.

wat do.


Basic turrets will take down two waves of basic minions by themselves, I am not sure about the upgraded turrets, however.

The only viable strategies to playing defend are to rush the monster before it gets armor (letting turrets take at least the first wave of minions) or to time a dome that keeps the monster at the generator when its armor is gone and it tries to retreat. In both scenarios, everyone on the hunter team will die (and that’s okay).

The first option is more viable because you get into the health pool early while the generator doesn’t lose much health. A good first dome will take away about a third of the monster’s health before everyone dies. This puts everyone in a good spot to keep the monster playing defensively instead of offensively, thus running the clock down and giving hunters a fighting chance against large armor pool monsters like goliath and behemoth. Take care to not dome the minions in, as as soon as they hit the wall of the dome they go berserk on everyone in the team (not just medic anymore). You will likely not get into much health with a stage 3 monster and two minions bearing down.

The second option is also viable, but harder to pull off. Not only will you be camping at the generators dealing with minions (who rush the players after they lose a certain amount of health), but you’ll always be dealing with a fully-armored monster. If the monster times his attacks right, he won’t kill everyone, but leave them with strikes that makes an easy clean up for the second generator. The only way to get into his health is to dome him after he loses his armor, but he will immediately hone in on the trapper to get them incapped. This is more in line with the way the mode is perhaps “supposed” to be played, but like I said it’s much more risky.

Your teammates really sounded like d!cks though. They should have communicated their plan to you before rushing in. It takes a full four-man commitment for the first option.


monsters are starting with full armor now


oh damn that’s a huge change. In that case, rushing is still a decent strategy as it can isolate an engagement with the monster instead of the monster and its minions.


That’s only on the PC though


I play defend this way as well… I don’t much care to defend first generator at all… It’s better to get on the monster early and take out as much permanate health as possible… Once the first generator is almost done, I regroup there and play defend as normal… Monster players r use to hunters just stay at generator, and it really ruins there plans when you don’t let them armor up first


I think its a cool option but the whole teams gotta be in on or it won’t work and still one shitty game doesn’t matter and markovs pretty good once he’s up to elite by the way, but people will always look down on the 1st teirs haha


This exactly.

I use my mic almost every game and try not to be an annoying mic jockey but use it to say things such as, “Found him”, or “In this part of the map” etc, as well as fun discussion every now and then. I try not to micro manage but sometimes when I see a teammate blatantly doing something wrong (such as reviving when Laz is right there), I’ll point it out. Generally it works out.

Though, sometimes it annoys me when if I feel certain, I will tell the hunters I think we should do something and they just ignore it. I don’t expect players to obey my every command, but if they disagree, they should at least tell me so I don’t end up in one part of the map while my team is in the other…

For example, I was playing as assault on Orbital Drill. Wraith was stage 3 and with about half of health left. My teammates were getting sucked in, chasing after Wraith out of the power relay area. I said, “Hey guys, we should stay near the relay as it’s a better area to fight in, and every time Wraith tries to attack the relay, we can just stop her. If we get sucked in, it’ll be a better fighting area for her.”

Alas, the other hunters totally ignored me, chasing after Wraith with no communication… and I was assault so their plan of chasing after Wraith while I hung out at the relay was totally gonna work #sarcasm… So I repeated myself (in case they didn’t hear what I said). Nothing… I’m still hanging near the relay (keep in mind they’re attacking Wraith just outside the power relay area, so they could quickly fall back). I eventually help them and Wraith retreats to armour up.

I say, “Dudes, fall back to the relay. There’s a better chance of winning there. Better area to fight.” I say this while I’m heading back to the relay area.

Of course, no response, and they start chasing after her… I’m still near the relay thinking, “Why… are they… chasing after Wraith with no assault?”

Wraith comes back and starts attacking the hunters, pushing them into the relay indoor area. I realise that my teammates are gonna get slaughtered with or without me, so I rush to do the best I can. As a result, I get there, help my teammates, eventually I’m the last one alive and Wraith finishes me off with a sliver of health left.

Then in the lobby I hear my teammates saying in their mics, “SO CLOSE!”…

Like, seriously? If you used your mics in game to say “nah, we’re gonna go after him” so I wasn’t hanging back near the relay and was actually doing assault damage to Wraith, we could have won. Not to mention, if you complied to my request to hang near the relay, we would have had strong teamwork going and probably could have won too.

It didn’t annoy me so much that they ignored my request to camp near the relay, but that they didn’t communicate it, so our team was split as a result. Seeing as we almost won, it seems if I went along with their tactic, we could have won.


I ran into the rush hunters once in Defend back before patch that gave Monsters armor from the start. Needless to say I saw it coming, read about it the forum. Was able to beat them back but I loss way to much health for it. Now with the full armor start I haven’t seen it at all so I’m not sure most still use this tactic, expect for the occasional lone hunter who’s balls are bigger then there brain.

Personally I don’t mind the Hunters coming at me on Defend, as long as I keep my eye on the timer and deal with the turrents the minions can more then handle the objectives, leaving me to play with the Hunters. I’ve won a good number of Defends just by keeping the Hunters away from the Minions.