"Don't leave food for the Monster"


So in the Markov tutorial, Markov kills some of the Wildlife saying: “I don’t want to leave food for the Monster”. Then in another video tutorial it says: “Be careful about killing Wildlife. Wildlife that is already killed is free food for the Monster!”

So which is it?

But then I got an idea! If Monster players hold E to eat the Wildlife, what if Hunters hold E to incinerate the Wildlife (Press E picks up Buff and you can incinerate afterwards)?

Incinerating would erase food sources for sure, add more interactivity and tactical elements to the hunt rather than mostly following the Tracker, give Hunters a little something to do after killing the Wildlife.

The fire would also reveal Hunter locations to the Monster (as it would in a real hunt if you were the animal).

I was just thinking it would feel more like a hunt this way. :slight_smile:


Sounds kinda OP, even if it would let the monster see where the hunters are.


You can lead the Reavers to the carcass, and they’ll eat it.


OK, but again, why in the tutorial Markov is teaching players to “kill Wildlife to remove food for the Monster” when in fact what’s going to happen is “Free Food for Monster”?

Also, doesn’t the Wildlife respawn now in this game? If Hunters have to contend with a Respawn Mechanic and are meant to pile it on in the early game, maybe it’s OK for Hunters to also inflict some kind of Respawn Mechanic waiting problem for Monsters?

Sounds fair to me. :slight_smile:


Well if you kill a Mammoth Bird (2 Energy) they are left with 1 energy in later time same thing with a Crowbill Sloth or Dune Beetle (3 Energy)

So somehow if it makes sense, it’s free food as well as no food


Because in Launch Evolve, after X amount of minutes, I think it was 2 minutes, the meat from the animal would rot. Meaning it was removed from the playing field, so the monster could not have it.

I do not think this is relevant anymore as wildlife constantly respawns now.
Unless someone wants to correct me on that.

The only thing you should do this for is Wildlife Buffs.
Assuming the Monster will not double back to eat it before it rots.


Corpses decay over time, so it’s not very likely that it will simply create food for the monster. The monster could just find wildlife and kill it anyway and have all the meats to itself; when it finds a rotting carcass, it’ll usually only get one meat out of it.


Thanks for bringing this up, its a mistake in the dialogue. Were already aware of this issue causing confusion but are waiting on completely new dialogue for the tutorial as soon as its bug free. Thanks for your patience :smiley:


Really? How to lead Reavers?


Old tactic

Supports primarily would lead them to the food- Then cloak. Worthless most of the time, only situationaly handy to remove elite wild life corpses to deny buffs to the monster.

Obviously without cloaks- This is less of a viable thing.

Totally down for something like this. Always wished the hunters could shoot dead corpses to remove them. Primarily for the previous- Always disliked that a monster could easily deny a buff by eating it and moving on, but to “deny a buff” the hunters had to camp the thing- which basically meant letting the monster get a free evolve, which made it a worthless tactic in MOST situations.


I’ve actually always wanted a hunter, maybe a support or medic with an ability to rapidly decay corpses to prevent the monster from eating them. Would be pretty sick.


Did they lower the energy of animals in S2? Aren’t Mammoth’s 3 and Crowbill’s/Dune Beetle’s 4?


I use to like trying to follow the hunters and eat the food they left, not really viable anymore.


This whole line of thought was actually inspired by visions of Hyde “overcooking” the dead Wildlife and quipping: “I hope it likes eating ashes.” :laughing:


what’s even more disturbing is when the entire team comes down, the monster comes from an area near where you killed the mammoth birds.



Yeah… See? I hope there’s a way to just VAPORIZE the Wildlife! :smiley: (Even if it’s just a special ability/weapon of a new Hunter)


It all depends really. I will often kill the big meats just because most of it will have decayed before the monster gets there and they don’t respawn. So less food on the map then.