Don't know what it was yesterday but


Played some 15 games yesterday and in every single one I had to explain basic strats, and abilities to Pubs. This includes hunter splits, trapper cut offs, easy forms of tracking, why you should place down sunny’s shield… Did we have a bunch of people return to the game yesterday with the patch? (This is lvl 40 Pub play)


I can only hope.

I have a friend that thinks people are using the app to boost themselves through the ranks without actually playing the game. Not sure if that’s even possible, but there’s been some REALLY bad L40’s out there the past day or two.


Not everyone at level 40 is a pro player. But by helping them you are helping the community!


I thought it was just me. :confused: One of them didn’t know how to ping…


A. They prolly boosted with bots, its common.
B. Monster player might be takin a spin with hunter.


I try to help, but some of them yelled at me for ‘acting like I’m better than them’. Some of them listened though, and they appreciated the advice, when I didn’t give it in salt form. It can be quite annoying when you dodge the monster for some 2 minutes, the monsters were equally as bad >_>, while your team only does some 1k damage to its armor XD.


they appreciated the advice, when I didn’t give it in salt form.



A while back when I hadn’t played Hunter for several weeks. Then I got hunter and I was like: How do I take down the dome? How do I ping? Quite embarrassing really. :unamused:


I remember that time I domed a sloth…


I laughed out loud and I am still giggling. Thanks for that!


@TheMountainThatRoars Yeah? I once domed a Reaver.



But the real question is.
Have you domed nothing.
Because you thought you had Gobi selected…


I did domed once when I saw the Monster and thought I was VAL with TRANQS out.



Master Trappers right here :facepalm: