Don't Knock Twice (spoilers)


Anyone seen the film? If so, what did you think? My views are sort of mixed. I’ve always enjoyed the spooks or horror films (however, I hate jump scares - I’ll return to this later) but I seldom get to watch them because my parents can’t, and I don’t get opportunity to watch films without them much. Over the weekend, I actually did, and I watched Don’t Knock Twice with my boyfriend and his parents (although his parents weren’t really paying attention).

Have to say… As far as horror films go, this left a lot to be desired. I hate jumpscares, and there are only 2 moments that I would consider to be jumpscares (although, I did end up arguing about this number with my boyfriend after) and out side of that, it wasn’t scary. It was more of a drama/thriller than a horror film.

Not gonna lie, the first jumpscare (the one on the video call after Danny gets taken away) scared the shit out of me, because I wasn’t expecting it, even though I really should have. Second one, I expected, so it just more made me jump. But outside of that? Wasn’t really scary at all. I really liked the tap filling the sink with blood scene. I don’t know what it was, but it was really enjoyable for me to watch.

Also, plot is a mess. General story was interesting, the plot twist was predictable, despite the red herrings. And still not really sure why Ben had to be killed…? He was never brought into the supernatural part of the film, so he didn’t know about Tiras role, or about Baby Yaga, so why was he a danger to Tira? Unless he walked in on her destroying evidence or something? But it seemed like she was lying in wait for him. Maybe I just missed it. And what happened to Danny? You see him get taken away by an invisible entity, presumably Baba Yaga but was he then eaten immediately? Because Michael, who was abducted before the events of the film was seen to be eaten at the end. So, did the Demon just leave Michael alive long enough for Chloe to see him, so she could tell her mum that she’d seen Michael being held captive by the demon a little too late, and explain the detectives innocence shortly after her mum had tricked him into his death? So, the demon has a sense of drama. Nice.

Ultimately meh. Not impressed, but I respect the lack of jump scares and also, profuse gore to bank that easy shock value, and put no effort into a scene because they know that most people will be watching through their hands, if at all. Always hate to see those and they were mostly, absent from Don’t Knock Twice.

And while we’re hear, any other horror films you’d recommend? Excluding “It” and, of course, “Don’t Knock Twice” I don’t think I’ve watched any horror film released in the last 3 years.