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@SedoUmbra The other thread got closed so here’s this :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways #6 Came out on “June 19” Which was yesterday. It’s funny because June 17th of 18th I was looking to see if any new episodes came out. Great ending to the series I must say


Whats this?


A puppet show that starts of with a kid show type video then turns to a dark side. Has a interesting story to some


I remember now! So weird. Gave my wife nightmares… lol


Here’s my thoughts on the series so far, is a copy/paste from a very old post mine, but I still have this opinion.

Where do I begin? Well, in each video you see an authoritative figure that appears to be friendly at first, but it actually has an hidden agenda for the other characters. In these videos, they criticize silly concepts that society has create through time.

For example: Being yourself and creative, but with some restrictions and conditions (first video), always doing something “useful” with your time (second video), the need to find love in your life, but with the terms and conditions that society puts, especially religion (third video), 4th one is really complicated, but I think it’s how the internet has changed from being an educational tool, to a place where humans can free themselves and go wild, which I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

But these are my interpretations and it’s just a small summary, I’ll share my thoughts on the last two soon, although last one has A LOT lol.


I was considering making this thread but I got lost among the YouTube related vid threads :worried:.

Thanks for the tag though!

This one was a little weird, I though it was meant to explain everything… Well I was fucking wrong. :sweat_smile: Still enjoyed it but I’m more confused that ever. My favourite one is still number 2 and my favourite is still the clock.


This is a criminally underrated series.


If you’re confused about something I will attempt to debunk it with all the theories I’ve seen haha

Also my favorite is the computer, very catchy


I found him tedious, and he annoyed (and killed/saved/freed/condemned the Red Guy) so I hate him :rage:


If we run out of time, then where does it go?
Is time even real?
Does anyone know?
Maybe time’s just a construct of human perception. An illusion created by-

meh meh meh
Meh Meh Meh


That video is my favorite! :stuck_out_tongue:


Plain white sauce? Plain white sauce makes your teeth go grey!


Theres a fair portion of this series which goes over my head but i take it as the media in general basically telling you who and what to be. Each episode has a different figure telling you to be individual and such but also telling you how to do it. (The food one telling you which foods are healthy then going back on it later telling you them foods are unhealthy for you). And in the last episode i took it as if you jist unplug from it all you’ll move on with your life and be better for it (the calender finally moving from 19 to 20 and the characters being their favourite colours)… or its just a bat shit crazy series with a bunch of weird puppets.


Oh and im guessing roy is meant to represent the media…alwaaaaays watching.