"Don't be a dick" community challenge

You know i would participate in this “challenge” for the good of all but…

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Yea no one is saying to take a loss. Just give an obvious new player a chance to get away and start to get a feel for the game rather than mercilessly crushing them in the first minute. Losing and wanting to get better and win is good. Getting crushed before you can figure out how to traverse, hunt food, and combo abilities just turns new players off.


Nope to the first two points. Know why? Because TRS staff didn’t do it at launch.

  • Kraken vortex the first time dropping out of the drop ship
  • armoring up then intentionally scaring birds to lure hunters into a stage 1 fight that was advantageous for the monster
  • sneak pounce in combat
  • Sky wraith with abducts over an acid lake

It never felt like TRS employees ever went easy on me. Furthermore, they were subjected to the same rank system as we were, so clearly high skilled players were, through necessity, twinking/smurfing.

What did I learn?

  • Stage 1 monsters can still be dangerous
  • have my guard up as soon as dropping in, maybe even pop invisibility
  • monsters sometimes want to be found
  • certain areas of the map are bad places to pick a fight and especially bad to dome at
  • TRS employees are “dicks”, at least by the OP’s definition

By all means, be courteous in your feedback. Maybe even say you have tips if people want to hear them (some don’t).

But don’t take it easy. Most noobs are getting matched with noobs. Just look at the monster posts like “why do I have to eat the entire body to prevent a Lazarus rez?” and the like. Decent noob hunters will start being successful in their ranks, start feeling like they got their shit together; it’s your job to teach them that they still have plenty to grow and learn.

Besides, the time you pick your worst monster with a stupid stage 1 build is the time you come across the high skilled team that created all new accounts to twink/smurf during the free weekend. Assume all teams are good and play accordingly.

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If I go wraith i cannot go easy because it I cannot purposefully “screw up” because, quite honestly my monster instincts tell me GTFO, i get out.

Then they aren’t ready to play online are they. Again we have these other modes and this forum for a reason. If they want to have fun they will get better, you don’t start at a gym lifting trucks and feeling proud of it, you have to put in the work, and if you don’t want to, your loss.

I don’t disagree with the idea but at the same time I am absolutely against going easy on them. The only way to learn is to train, HARD. This is a game where knowledge is more powerful than execution, so if people don’t want to get better, no amount of coddling is going to make them improve. Sure they will have fun at your expense, but will it keep them? Will they be interested in the long run? Only if they put in the effort.

The only reason I would agree with such a tactic is for promotional reasons. If they are having fun they are likely going to tell more people. But having fun is not equivocal to getting better over time.

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This, I like.

Guess I could give some “treats” to the newbies for a change o.o… Wow… This is new territory for me… :s

You owe me a scrim.

:0 why? :,(

Might’ve been the wrong person but someone from console said they were down for scrimming with me.

I have no clue xD but I’m from console, I should be getting my ps4 back from maintenance on Tuesday.

Had moment where we Domed a poor guy playing Wraith the first time and we Domed him at 50 seconds…

We almost killed him and we were going to let him Evolve and what not but then he went after Assault and so Assault claimed self-defense…

Oh well. We tried.

You monsters.

Why is it even possible for NEW players lvl 1 to go Ranked? Makes no sense for me. lvl 1 Perks against lvl 40 Perks, well done lol.
They should let this f2p nerds just stay out of Hunt 2.0

Okay…except that this weekend isn’t really about people learning the game through hard knocks and digital blood noses. This is supposed to be about getting them hooked, invested and intrigued to the point that they will actively want to continue to play and invest time in the game.

I don’t agree with this myself, but if you believe that the school of hard knocks is the best way to teach someone the game, then it will only work if they are already committed to it. One problem here though…

People joining on a free weekend are not committed.

They are for the most part merely passing through, looking to see if the game has something to offer them. If all they are seeing is a Monster annihilating them every game with no chance of enjoyment then they will move on to something else, wouldn’t you agree?


I don’t really agree with the last statement, because those stopping by should still be utilizing the beginner tools given to them, not hopping straight online and hoping for the best. Granted, they can, but they are much more likely to be slaughtered that way. It does depend on the person, ultimately we won’t know how they learn, hard or easy ways.

I’m thinking more long term. Enjoying the game for its graphics and such isn’t going to last long, even though this is a beautiful game to look at. So these people might enjoy the game now but will they enjoy it when they’ve seen a monster one too many times? The same maps? Etc. settling in has its own share of problems.

This game is very fun but I do not know a lot of people who have been playing it awhile and at least TRIED to study up on their stuff. And I’m sure these same people utilized the beginner tools in the beginning and probably did better than the newbie who just starts the game up and goes straight online.
The point I am making is that getting beat is not necessarily (it does happen, I’m not saying it doesn’t) going to make people quit. Losing, being frustrated? It’s part of the process. It’s good to be frustrated. Giving up is a different story. That breeds quitters. Not just any quitters, rage quitters, rude, toxic peoples

I bought the game on a Day 1 and then spent about three weeks getting comfortable with how it played and getting to understand the characters and maps before I went online.

They have 2-3 days and lives to live in between game sessions. Most will likely just want to jump in and have a go while they can. There really is no comparison here. If we see them online then we should give them a fair go, have a fun match and let them walk away saying GG at the end.

I succeeded in this challenge :smiley:
Against a group of what I believe to be complete new people. Could probably have taken them down at stage 1 with little to no health loss, but instead, missed some rock throws, and leap smashes, let Laz get some people up, while getting some strikes to make it seem more realistic. Stay in orbital bombardment for a few seconds, ran through some arc mines at the relay fight, and hopefully made it an intense and awesome match for them. Although I couldn’t bring myself to let them have the win :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome man , thats what I like to see ! :slight_smile:


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@mizx Thought we should get the (semi) official word on whether this community challenge was achieved. Do you have a verdict for us? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink: