"Don't be a dick" community challenge

Hello fellow forum member.
I am pleased to introduce you to new unofficial Evolve community challenge called :

#Don’t be a dick

This challenge is for both of you veteran Hunters and Monsters on all platforms (PC , Xbox,PS4) !

Introduction :
The matchmaking isn’t perfect and totally new players are placed against skilled ones.
Don’t boost your ego on them.

Duration : This weekend.

  • aditional duration for next 1-2 week. (This is time that new players will need to adapt) .
  • The goals :

Monster goals :
If you as Monster are playing against full team of new hunters, don’t be a dick and don’t wreck them instantly in 2-3 minutes .
At least let them deal a lot of damage to make them feel it was a close game , and give the a great gameplay experience. Don’t focus 1 player untill death. Change targets frequently, to give them chance to heal. Try not to make them frustrated.
Even better, let them win sometimes, its just a game.
Seriously, don’t be a tryhard against them.

Hunter goals :
Same as Monster goal.
Are you average/skilled Hunter and are you going against new Monster player ? Come on… There is no need to kill him instantly in one dome at stage 1… Give him a chance to escape, armor up and evolve. You can even let him win somtimes.

Are you playing with new Hunter teammates? Rather than flame, give them gift of wisdom and try to tell them how to be better and what are they doing wrong, unless… They are dicks thinking they know everything and are flaming you for trying to help them…

Let those new players give at least some fun and not rektage in 2 minutes.

We all were beginners once , but at those times we where playing more or less against players of simillar skill.

#The Reward

The reward is far better than any skin so far .

If new players will have great experience in this game , they will buy it , and there will be more players to play with at the end.

Think about it

and seriously don’t be a dick


This reminds me of Dirty Bomb’s “Don’t be a dick” tutorial…

Seriously tho. I’m trying to help this team understand the game. Why can’t the Monster help me out by not being a dick for once?


“What is that? I can’t hear you over the music”


You have lost all my respect.

Damn tryhard kid.

You’re still cute tho

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if they die, they die banana cannot spare any hunters foolish enough to challenge me…i am one of the many elite in the hive mind FOR THE QUEEN!!!

Nice! I have been trying, it is a little difficult when fighting a new monster. They don’t know the maps and refuse to disengage when they should even if you are trying to let them run away!

If a player is discouraged try to encourage them to practice first in solo or play skirmish where they will be matched based on level rather than playing in ranked right away.

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If they like the game they will stay frustration is a GOOD thing not a bad thing… People are far more likely to quit entirely if they lose interest not if they can’t win…

Point is understandable though, I would recommend shamelessly promoting this site aggressively and giving tips whenever possible over coddling newcomers. This way they actually get information on how to play… Game has a tutorial already, quick arena mode and even solo where they can restart indefinitely…

I will not be handing out wins, but I will try to let them have enough fun by not instant steam rolling them. Slap their balls around a bit, then let them go and do whatever it is they feel like doing. I will try and pretend to give them a good match but I won’t for the love of all that is Shaners throw a game at them.


Well for me it isn’t going to be a all the time because since I’m been on a loosing streack as my behemoth against premades/comps/esl hunters I tend to go on a rage mode and show no mercy to the next hunters I fight.

Yeah, I definitely could’ve taken it easier on some hunters last night. I think this is a good reminder. It also allows us to relax a bit!

I know a lot that have already failed this challenge.


@moiser how many points did I put you down?

I’m playing on my bros pc, you just gave him gold expert!

Did I play against you? D:

Beat you guys twice as Behemoth, playing on my bros account ishmael1245

Oh yeah, you were the only guy that actually managed to beat us today. We just took Cabot that first game because we thought you were new and wanted to go easy on you. That’s what you get for being nice I guess >.>

i agree with you, but it’s really hard when you see things like a trapper that just stare a 10 meters distant monster, not doming, not slowing, just doing nothing

Haha I’m new to pc not Evolve doe :wink: #29 Behe in Ps4, and I would be #6 in Pc because of amounts of wins

Cabot is great against behemoth tho. .

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