Done with this random q


done playing the game. always get shoved into some random game as the least favored role. bought the game to play a specific role. turns out to be a different game cause it never gives me the role. must have bought the wrong game.


Ever trying playing with friends? Solves most of your problems.



That is all.


Makes an account on the forums just for this??


People like to announce when they’re leaving because they think it’s going to change things.

They wouldn’t want to change things unless they have no intention of leaving.


I personally prefer to play multiple roles in games, playing the same one gets very repetitive for me, variety is the spice of life.

Plus for me knowing all the roles and how they play would help when you are the monster, know your enemy!


i only want to play monster

god help you if i get trapper, cuz im gonna trap you inside the dome to let the monster get to stage 3

monster for lyfe


If your going to have a fit over not getting your favorite role…please try to make friends so you can play as your role or stop buying a game that requires people to play as any role and work together, trying to play as a “Certain role” all the time isn’t going to happen in this kind of game, people want to play as that role to not just all about you.


That’s when you start wishing there was a kick button.


wouldnt be a problem if theyd just let me be the freaking monster.


it never gets old :joy: