Donald Trump viewpoints

your opinions on donald trump

  • somewhat awful
  • completely awful
  • totally legitimate president and if i choose this answer i would like to watch america burn to the ground

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… Who’s Donald Trump?


Can we just… not bring politics into the forums? If so that’d be great…


its off topic… dont want it, dont click on it

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I’d like to see him president so I could watch how badly one man can screw up a nation

Yes however politics is one of the three most annoying, and typically argument sparking topics to speak about right next to religion and race.

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Race

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tis why you shallnt click onto the post if your uncomfortable/unhappy with it

I came, I saw, I asked that we not do this here, and now I leave.

Do it on Reddit or something before a fight breaks out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m from India and inspite of all the hate media spews on him that man spoke the truth about what goes on behind the scenes… As crazy as it sounds I like him for that… if he keeps spilling beans like this more ppl will vote for him I think… Even in my country there is corruption in politics and there are lobbyists involved…

In this world we can only trust two types of leaders/politicians

  1. he should have no family hence no desire to accumulate wealth and so less risk of corruption
  2. or he should be very rich and old and hence not easily bought off .

We have had Political threads here before and they have worked out just fine.

Well I steered clear.

Relevant because Donald Trump. It’s also catchy.

As someone who doesn’t care about how badly will america screw itself over Donald Trump is great!

…to laugh at.

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He’s a guy who avoided military duty by crying about foot aches and then made fun of a vet who was tortured during the cold war or something. Iunno, I don’t follow 'Murican politics. :stuck_out_tongue:

Donald trump 2016!!!

Give the cops ak47’s!!!

Rip up the constitution!!!

Giant wall!!!

Civil rights??? What’s that!!! Screw that!!!

Let’s make this country great again

For billionaire Caucasian’s, Sponsored by the Republican national convention

Edit: These are my own views as a young African American man and probably don’t represent the views of most republicans


Tbh you should all be voting for Deez Nuts


Wtf, I hope deez nuts wins.

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South Carolina gives us dylan roof

North Carolina votes Donald Trump

Racism isn’t an issue in America?



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We’ve got a history here on the forum of not doing political posts thanks to their divisive nature. A forum about Evolve isn’t the best place for political discussion!