Doming a monster question for the devs

Should any monster be able to escape a dome with full traversals?

Here is the situation and a poorly drawn illustration:

I landed above the monster as it was feeding with the dome equipped. The second I clicked to throw the dome was the second he finished his meal. 3 immediate traversals later and the monster was out of the dome.

Now, if that is intended or suppose to be that way. That is fine. I can learn to watch the monsters traversals closer and dome when I know they do not have full traversal ability. But I would think that if you are that close to a monster and dome them, they should not be able to move 60 meters in less than dome deploy time, which is what? 3 seconds?

A. Beautiful drawing, IGN 11/10
B. what monster was it? Wraith can do it, Kraken has a chance of getting lucky, but Goliath has to be really, really lucky to escape that

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I’m not a dev, but I can answer this.

Yes, although it should be more harder now since you can’t hear the arena being deployed anymore. Wraith used to be able to do this very easily since as soon as she heard the arena being deployed she could warp/warp blast out. For Goliath, if he’s on high ground then he’d probably make it out in just two leaps.

It sounds like you just got unlucky.

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