Domes radius


What’s the radius of the dome? How much distance does it cover both vertically and horizontally. Also the distance it horizontally covers from the place you initially throw it.


60 meter radius from the center. 120 meter diameter.


I think the radius of the dome is 60m.

Edit: Ninja’d by @MajorLeeHyper. It seems I am quite slow today. :smile:


@MajorLeeHyper in that post macman says the dome radius is 50m and I also heard from ManiacSquirrell that it was 50m. Was this changed?


That post is one year old. A LOT of things have changed since then. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I always thought it was 60m in diameter and 30 in radius…No wonder I never domed. :stuck_out_tongue:


I could be wrong, I just always heard it was 60. Verifying in game now.

Confusing mechanics for a new player

Looks like it is 50m radius and 100m diameter.

Confusing mechanics for a new player

Alright thanks for verifying it.


Well, you learn something new every day. :smile:
Thanks for the clarification.


The 60m that some people have said might be from the distance you throw the dome in front of yourself plus the 50 meter radius. I tried pinging near where the dome device is before it goes up, and it seems to be around 8-10m in front of yourself.


That’s a good point, never thought of that. :smile:


Interesting information to have, thanks.


I think I have to quote a couple of slims healing range statements you called :smiley:


Should be increased against Wraith.

And don’t you dare immediately hate me for suggesting it. It’s a buff to clever hit&run tactics while inside the dome.
It just fixes how Wraith is capable of escaping domes before they drop with a 100% success rate. That’s a fix, not a nerf.




Ah well. You learn something new every day.


so griffins sound spike is 60 meters in diameter? or 120m? and if placed in the middle of a arena? would it be bigger, the same, or smaller?


Griffins Sound Spikes are 60m radius (distance from centre to dome wall) and therefore 120m diameter (distance from one side of the dome to the other). If you put a Sound Spike in the centre of the dome it will cover all of the dome plus 10m outside of the dome as radius is 10m larger than that of the Mobile Arena. :smiley:


sound spike diameter = 120m?
mobile arena diameter = 100?

thx this helps my abe skills alot :smiley:


Correct. :smiley:
No problem. Happy Hunting.



I play trapper, GT ArcticStorm321 and was wondering the following…

A) is the dome a sphere, equal radius from center to edges, or is the dome more oval like, with Y axis diameter larger that X axis diameter?

B) when throwing the mobile arena and it goes up, does it have a set max hieght distance for all levels, or does it measure the distance from the trappers hand straight up with a fixed distance variable?
(For example, if im at the top of the cliff, would the mobile arena device when deployed, be closer to me than if i deployed the arena from the bottom of a valley?)

C) when you through the arena and it swipes the monster in half, which half does the dome decide the monster is on, on the inside or the outside?

thanks you guys.