Domeless Lazarus teams: Adjustment suggestions?


Continuing the discussion from Nerf Lazarus:

So currently a good monster can focus trappers in Lazarus teams hard in all domes to get a free pass to stage 3. This is probably the biggest issue with Lazarus, unreliability aside. Keeping a trapper hidden for a whole dome is very difficult to achieve.

Here is an adjustment I am suggesting: if the dome would have still been up had the trapper not been downed in these situations, a Lazarus revive on the trapper will restore the dome for whatever time was left pre-incapacitation, but centred around the rez’d trapper.


I play the trapper with a lazarus on my team and I’ve played some really good monsters and I’m gonna be honest lazy isn’t an instant win for good monsters the great thing about lazarus is that he is a huge threat to a monster forcing body camps and ridiculous damage a good lazarus will never be seen and will be properly cared for
(can’t tell you how many rocks I’ve purposely jumped in front of)


Dome duration is 1 min ( thanks LosSalvatierras :slight_smile: )

With good support (using cloak, jetpackboost…) trapper can live for

+5 sec time for the monster to start focusing traper
+10 sec with support cloak
+10 sec ~ if he dodge good
+5 sec time to the monster to kill traper

I’m sure we can win +5 sec by realy good dodgin’ and assault pushing, so total is approx 35 ~ when people know their role versus a smart monster.


It’s 1 minute and so is the cooldown.


Oh my bad.


you can live out the entire dome no problem against even the best monsters just make it not worth his while only scared monsters immediately target trapper most target support or medic first and if they do the beam team or whatever they’re running properly they get scared and target trapper and if the “beam team” can keep each other alive they can easily keep a single trapper alive


It certainly makes him more reliant on Hank or Sunny, or just kind of hoping the Trapper somehow doesn’t die without a Medic.

That fix seems kind of reasonable, but strange and ham handed.

Not sure what else woiuld fix it - perhaps let his glove fully heal in melee range to help keep the Trapper alive in desperate times?


just realized I made a comment about the beam team when talking bout lazy sorry I think lazy is better as a threat than a weapon it’s like threatening to nuke someone instead if shooting them a rock and a hard place