Dome/wall stuck potential exploit

So on the map Rendering plant after evolving to stage 3 they planted dome and i was just on its edge, it sandwiched me between the wall and the dome leaving me completely defenseless. I alt F4 because i was pissed and tired. The enemy hunters were mech bitch, Abe, sunny and I believe Val. I couldn’t do a thing, I managed to hit one who got too close but that was it. I cannot upload screenshots unfortunately but if someone needs them then ask :smile:.

Which wall is this? Also ya, getting stuck in the dome can happen…For hunters too, though its far less likely. :confused: When it does happen you really just have to try and deal with it, there is no real way to patch it. It’s also not a bug.


Yeah, a dome trapped me as Markov against a building and I had no way out. XD
I felt very useless. It can be unavoidable at times, but it would be hard to make it impossible.

Unfortunately I can’t upload any screenshots of the spot because I’m a new user :confused: