Dome timer shot up to one hour just before dome went down


I noticed something peculiar after I recorded my latest match (cos the match seemed suspicious at first but after reviewing I found nothing wrong). The timer went from normal to one hour for a split second then came down (cos Monster Damaged).

I didn’t find any similar issues reported here so far so I have no idea what’s wrong with that timer.


It’s been happening to me lately, currently it’s just a visual glitch, thankfully.


I think the timer works fine, but let’s says there were 45 seconds left on the dome timer but you did enough damage to the monster that it deducted 1 minute, it would result to what you can see on screen. But since it is only for a split second and the dome mechanic otherwise works fine, it is more a visual bug.

However, to be sure, I’ll tag @happybirthdaymary and @m3teeh to see whether or not it has already been logged.


Like you said, thankfully it’s only visual whew although that instance was the only one I spotted throughout.


I believe we had this logged previously, but it was fixed to a point where we felt it was good. Since it lasts a super short amount of time (less than a second), we’re currently going to work on other issues before we take another look at this. :white_sun_cloud: