Dome the power relay


Is it just me or does it piss you guys off when a trapper domes the power relay when the monster is at its 3rd evolution stage? Seriously, how is a hunter suppose to run when your caged with the beast. Not like he’s going to be leaving the objective point guys!


I never drop the dome at the start of a stage 3 fight. You drop it when it tries to run after taking damage.


Sometimes I do this especially if the combatant is a wraith or kraken they have to come inside to get an attack off and places like The Dam don’t provide many hiding spots for them. Especially if it’s about a minute left it’s basically come in and fight now or lose due to time out.


You only dome the relay after the monster’s armor is gone, at which point he will likely run away to get more (especially in Defend). Try never to dome until that point if it’s a stage 3 monster. Whenever a monster wants to fight you don’t want to dome. Be careful, because really good monsters will tempt you to throw it while saving a single traversal for a squeaky escape. Always dome when he wants to flee.

I had a match once where I had full armor at stage 1. They tried to dome me but had just missed…but since I was full armor I turned to look at them, waiting for them to drop the dome to get me, then once they did I gave them a heavy batting-about before I knew the dome would go off cooldown and get tossed out again. A monster that wants to engage is one you don’t want to cage. Now had I gotten domed as a stage 1 without full armor, or stayed to fight until my armor was depleted just as the dome went off cooldown, then I would have been suffering!


Hell, if I was a trapper I’d dome the damn thing to keep my hair-brained teammates from running off by themselves and getting eaten.


If we were fighting a wraith I would probably recommend doming straight away, because it can be tricky to catch her, and her fights are generally quicker. For the rest of the monsters I would say that you shouldn’t dome till their out of armor or trying to leavr

Story time. In the alpha when two of my team were dead I domed the relay with the monster outside to buy time for their respawn.
Now that I know that you can enter the dome, I think I just accidentally tricked the monster into not trying to enter.