Dome recharge hacks

Just played a match where the trapper was using some kind of dome hacks, immediately redropping domes after they would expire.

Didn’t have any way to quickly begin recording and he quit when I called him on it. If there’s any way to watch the replay on the computer, it’s really obvious because the domes show up on the replay amp.

Well that’s the pc version for ya, TRS is aware of the hackers and i planning on taking care of the problem so just hang in there

remember (unless it was actually second the dome ended) with reload/recharge perk and mega mouth elite perk dome recharges in like 3-5 secs (at most) and it is ridiculous.

nah, it was literally right away, they beelined straight towards me as griffin, also had some sketchy jetpack dodging going on but I don’t really know how to describe it, it looked like the game was having a hard time keeping up with the player’s location and he was almost teleporting .

At the moment only way to do anything is to report with proof (video preferred) until TRS puts in a thing to protect from hackers. Personally find it said that devs (from any game especially MP ones) have to take time to protect from hackers instead of full focus on content and fixes, but hackers only care about themselves and have no thought about how it will affect other players and the game they are hacking.

hunter quest app for your phone. it will show you the last 10 replays

I have never seen this. This would be a hack. The dome recharge time, as all class abilities, is only effected by the mega mouth perk. No hunter perk changes class ability recharge rate from my knowledge, only for weapons and specific hunters’ abilities(laz’s stealth, Caira’s adrenaline field, cabot’s tracking thing, ect). The Mega Mouth perk helps, but it is still at least 15 to 20 seconds for recharge.

yeah i was pretty sure that those abilities didn’t stack but didn’t want to call bullshit cause I was only like 99% sure not 100% xD

It’s other way around.

Reload perk recharges class specific skills faster (dome, assault’s shield, support’s cloak or medic’s healing burst), however it doesn’t help with recharge of character specific ones (Super soldier, Lazarus’ cloak, orbital, etc.), which is bugged, as it should from my knowledge.

I’ve also heard that it stacks with Megamouth’s buff, which is either false information or an another bug.

Ya, the do not. 5 second domes would be retarded. But check out the hunters quest phone app before you play 8 more games so you can see the replay and save it if possible. But personally, I have seen that those sketchy matches seem to not be displayed/recorded. There is a thread out there about that issue also.

Pure hostility is right and I can confirm it does seem to stack as I was speaking from experience (so I know it wasn’t a hack as I was a reload griffin and got megamouth perk) but when I did not have reload perk it took longer. Though that could all be in my head case still was basically perma domed monster.

Edit: to clarify it was so fast of a recharge that the replay afterwards dome went away and came back right away (basically animation of dome on replay was slow enough that it looked like it came back instantly).

mathmatically, if they stacked, the fastest it could be would be in the 20 second range if you had 3 star reload perk. But, 20 seconds, that’s nothing, it’s about as fast as val’s heal burst.

All I know is it was down and back up before I knew it (could be 20 secs but that seems too long from what I experienced). That being said there could also be a bug in way it calculates the two perks as well.

Edit: it was me and 3 friends vs a monster random