Dome Proposal

So. One second domes. Great stuff. Here’s a suggestion- make domes smaller. This would make it harder to dome, yes, but still easier than before. Furthermore when you do dome? In a small arena, you’re not mitigating as much damage. This solves the “issue” of monsters evading in domes, and puts more stress on you to fight, not run, to make the time better spent.

Tweak S1 Armor in accordance.


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I’d like to try this as a monster, and as a hunter. 'Twould make the fights interesting. ^.-


Senpai has good idea O.O

(Wraiths… prepare yourselves :imp: )

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I feel with less space in the dome good monsters would wreck hunters who had less space to get away.

I almost posted the other day that the dome could be smaller when thrown, but grow in size over the period of 5-10 seconds to the current size. But then that’s really just the same as an increase the time the dome takes to form, and I’m happy with where it is right now.


It depends on how small the domes are actually going to be. Some monsters greatly benefit from being very close (Behemoth), while others benefit from being far away (Kraken). If we are restricting space, we are also restricting options. I understand the want to have more fights, but some characters could have their performance compromised due to the smaller spaces, or vice versa.

Plus, this makes the importance of perfect hunter play all the more important. If you watch some pro evolve hunter teams, they tend to spread out, covering a large area. Sometimes covering entire sections of the map. If you’re making the arena smaller, you give a team less to worry about, they don’t have to care about watching as much space. And thus, making their job as a hunter easier. I would also like to mention god domes, as I think this would give monsters less chance of avoiding the damage that hunters can put out from those positions (less line of sight breaks and yada yada).

I’m not saying that this won’t solve the problem, it’s just a few points I’m looking at right now.

Alongside some other changes to the game, I could be a bit more agreeable. (Things like movement tweaks come to mind.) But not in the current state.

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[quote=“niaccurshi, post:4, topic:68158”]
I feel with less space in the dome good monsters would wreck hunters who had less space to get away.
[/quote]Yeah, I need my kiting space. I think the diameter is fine.

The idea is that if you don’t fight at stage 1 / 2 and go against a hunter team without strikes in a stage 3 relay fight, you’ll get wrecked.
That should be the reason for monsters to fight instead of mitigate. Choose the location where the trapper domes you and take advantage of that.
May it be to deal strikes inside the dome or evade in the dome and catch them unaware in the rushed after-dome-chase.

A lot of people still have the old dome trigger finger that was crucial pre-patch 5.0. With “insta” domes you can now actually afford to hold the dome until you’re out of an area with loops. A lot of people haven’t realized that’s a thing now. Give it some time. Right now I feel like the current dome size is just fine.


I can’t agree more, I’m having to almost retrain muscle memory (not exactly, but you get my meaning) as a trapper because I would used to have to chase after a monster if I saw it, get in to good range and just throw that dome wherever it’d go. Now I’m thinking about how far I can chase the monster because if I can get back in to range after it’s traversals then I can choose a point at which to land that dome. It’s a whole new ball game, one where the trapper has a much more interesting job to do.

People are painting it like the trapper doesn’t have to think any more because of the dome times, and tbh it couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Keep in mind that shrinking the dome would make Val and Laz even harder to play, as they both relie on being so far away that the monster wouldn’t be asked to chase after them.

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