Dome music, where the hell did it go?


i remember on legacy that when u were inside the dome there was music, not as intense when the zombies were at your face at l4d, but there was nonetherless…

where the hell did it go? why is there no music on stage 2?


Wait… there’s music in Legacy?

Haven’t heard any music that you speak of besides the very start when you’re in the Dropship…

Oh wait…

Are we talking from a Monster perspective?

Yeah now that I think about it there was some musical beat that I always found catchy…

Fuck… where did it go?

If anything they probably removed it so that players could hear certain things like weapons being fired. For example Torvald’s mortars. They get shot off at the right time and you’ll be questioning if you’re hearing sick beats or impending “DOOOMMM!!!”


It is even weirded,I hear no ingame sounds at all!

I reccomend you to set hotkey to play your favorite fight music when dome drops.
I muted my sounds so I can play instrumental/chorus music .
I used to have 100% microphone until I realised that just no one use It for anything but trolling
This one seems fine for dome fight


I don’t remember any dome music…


I remember hearing some kind of music during a match while playing as monster in defend. We need more evolve music.


The was occasionally ambient music, but overall Evolve has never had much.

I’ll post a video which has some examples of this, but fights themselves are normally don’t have any (you can just hear a few notes as the orbital drops at around 4:30).


I wouldn’t really say that’s music, but alright.