Dome length

Not sure what they changed, but WHY WON’T THE DOME COME DOWN! I’m playing behemoth and dealing a considerable amount of dmg to hunters, but done stayed up for a hella long time. I downed 3 of them and they got reinforcements back before the dome dropped. Am I the only one who doesn’t get it?

I hope this helps

3 downs AND reinforcements in the same dome? That can’t be right…

Yes that is what I thought too so what is the criteria for the dome to drop

Thats explained in the Patch notes @TheMountainThatRoars sent

If thats true then that is a bug. It is not possible to get three downs without the dome coming down. Each hunter downed is 3min 30 sec off the 5 minute timer. So if you got 2 downs the dome would have come down no matter what. Either you are over exaggerating or something is wrong with the game.

(if you have footage of it I reccomend posting it so the devs can see :slight_smile: )

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Lol I just watched your video explaining this. The hunters must have domed me after I already downed 2 of them but I’m not sure how they were able to kill me from half health without the time running out. This is a beta after all so maybe it was just a glitch or I just was too caught up to realize when the dome dropped. I was a behemoth on weather against a Hyde, crow, Val, and Hank/bucket I think. If it happens again I will catch it.

mostly it requires 2 downs to get it or you taking a ton of dmg, i do agree its abit insane atm but time will tell if changes are needed the only problem i have with it is its not dmg based on the hunters side it seems so even if you keep getting them low but not downing them the time doesnt go down