Dome Dropping Callout


I just played a game where a troll was dropping the dome every time we captured the monster. It does not identify who drops a dome unlike when it calls out who captured the monster with the dome. We need to add a call out for who lowers the dome or disable lowering the dome entirely. I’m not sure if the domes can even miss anymore? Maybe someone can confirm that?


Someone had suggested before that the dome should be the color of the hunter that dropped it. Red for Assault ect.

I thought that was a cool idea. It would let the team know who did it as well as let the monster know who is responsible.


Not a good idea since all it would do is allow people to badmouth their teammates. Even if it was an honest mistake they’d still get badmouthed because of it.

Impossible. Domes cannot be missed.


If domes cannot be missed, disabling dome dropping seems smart. There’s no real downside to it.


There are downsides to being unable to drop a dome. There’s probably more than I’d care to list, but:

  • If you can’t drop a dome, and other hunters have died, you’re stuck with a rampaging monster. If you need to get out, you could drop the dome and run. This is similar to what would happen in pre-stage 2, in which hunters could take the dome down (if they were trapper, otherwise it’d be down already) and flee.

  • Characters like EMET may want to get out of the dome in order to place a respawn beacon a reasonable amount of distance from the monster

  • There may be a character trapped outside of the dome in a plant, megamouth, etc., and thus you’d need to be able to take the dome down to save them (probably the most important I’d argue, and it’s happened to me twice so far where I took the dome down for this reason)

There are other reasons I’m sure, but it’s 3 AM.


I didn’t think of those. Hmm. You make excellent points.

Perhaps with the dome up, tapping F would prompt for a vote to bring it down, and if two out of four (or if one is dead, two out of three) tap F to confirm, the dome drops? Sort of like a vote thing, but it would be faster and easier because it’s a single button tap.