Dome collapsed by itself

Broken Hill Mine map, PC platform, Hunt 2.0. Raised a dome very early, perhaps 45-60s in, caught a Behemoth - the blue wall appeared and then, the instant that it touched the ground, the whole dome vanished. Never seen a bug quite like it - new one to me.

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Haven’t even heard of it myself. :confused:
Video of it by chance?

Were you holding down the four button by chance?

Honestly though, video?

I’ve gotten it with you twice in the same game. Remember?

I remember you talking about it I believe, didn’t see it from your perspective.


Damn the feels…

This seems like a very interesting bug… 5 acreenshots a graph and a lollipop or this nrver happend.

Unhappily I don’t record my games.

But no, I did not collapse it myself - we found the Behemoth, I domed him, and the moment the dome-wall touched the ground it collapsed, all by itself.