Dome being a trapper only ability


I have played a few hours of evolve and i noticed that all the hunters having the dome ability does break the play style of some monsters and it makes more sense if the trapper sets up a dome instead of a medic or grunt (assault) or making the dome the other classes set up stay up 2 min and the dome the trapper sets up is active for 5m (i think 5m is the time the dome is active for currently) or something along those lines. so i hope a dev will read this and take it into consideration.


They changed the way the dome works to take the stress of such a vital part of the game off of one character.

I do agree that more can be done to make the trapper most likely to dome. Already the planet scanner gives you a speed boost so you are likely to be the one that gets in range before anyone else… I personally think that the trapper being able to see the dome projection before it is thrown would give the trapper more usefulness in making sure a dome being thrown is a good one too

But I don’t agree with changes that mean the trapper feels pressured again to be the one that throws the dome, that would be a step backwards.


They changed how the Dome works, all hunters can use the dome yes but the time of the Dome is “lower” than before. Although it starts with the 5 min timer that timer decreases faster with some actions:

  • If the Monster incaps a Hunter, the timer decreases by 3.5 minutes.
  • If the Hunters deal health damage to the Monster, the timer is reduced in 60 second increments.
    *Stage 1: -60 seconds for every 4% of health lost
    *Stage 2: -60 seconds for every 6.5% of health lost
    *Stage 3: -60 seconds for every 8.5% of health lost