Dome animation doesn't match 1 second deployment time

It’s already frustrating that domes take 1 second to deploy a arena, and as a monster player trappers are now able to throw the arena and it just appears and the monster is trapped, but in three cases I’ve had a a cocky trapper throw a really risky dome where i am literally at the edge of the dome, nothing is in my way but there’s a invisible wall that blocks me from escaping the dome as it very quickly deploys, anyone else have the same problem?



Yeah I’ve had this happen about three times now.


They likely have. It’s not a bug, it was done on purpose. It’s meant to be inescapable.

As far as I know the dome should take 1 sec to deploy. However, sometimes when the dome is being deployed you will bump into an invisible wall just before the dome is visually deployed, which I doubt is intentional.

Its meant to be harder to escape, not 100% inescapable.
As for the invisible wall, it could be lag based, much like some monsters being in a dome then walking out, only this is the opposite

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Hmm… Well maybe if the dome is at a certain level the game classifies it as too low to be escaped? I don’t know. I haven’t experienced either situation as either team.

I encountered this as well. I suppose one should be able to escape when one is on the edge but it looks like dome collision box deploys quicker than it’s FX. Gotta ask devs wheter it’s intentional or not.

This have happened to me as a hunter actually, running into an invisible wall that a second later turn into a dome wall.

Maybe lag?

That’s kind of the point of the new dome, it was way to easy to dodge domes before, now it’s hard as hell

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Le lag

10 char

i had the same 1 game ago

I had it also

@MacMan can you please explain to us whether inescapable dome is intentional? Casue there is insta collision before dome visual effect drops.

I have encountered this several times also.

interesting that the new 1 second domes have made the game 100% more stressful for monster players. I though they were making the game less stressful?


So far I can stage before they can dome me. Just you need to know there the best feeding spots are. And sadly you can still effectivly ran in dome. Moreover, stage 1 and 2 are stronger so you can more easily incap trapper. At least game is less stressful for trappers.

Collision should be pretty close to the visuals. I’ll check it on live today and see if it’s different than our internal build.

I also had an invisible wall blocking me as monster.Then after 1 second the dome came down.So in some situations the visual doesn’t match at all the collision

Looks like the micropatched dome visuals didn’t take for some reason. Looking into it now. The collision is coming up as fast as we want it to, but the graphics aren’t updated to match.