Doing better against Gorgon


A lot of people complain about Wraith being too tough for public play and how it’s killing the game. However, I’ve always had more trouble with Gorgon. I think my team (public) has only beaten her once and I’ve lost to her many many times. Since I don’t see a lot of “OMG Gorgon so OP I’m deletingSincee!” Posts, I’m wondering if the issue is with me.

I only play in Public games (though I am happy to join a team if you have an opening or want to start one) so the best advice would be on what I can do better to improve our chances of winning.

I play as Hank, Sunny (though poorly), Hyde and Parnell(Getting respectable)

Is there a better support or Assault for Gorgon? Any tips or leads on good videos to watch?

I’d love to get better


idk. i kind of hover above the floor i guess? against her spit skill or something, and more importantly that irritating skill where the spiderling traps you and drags you away.

so hovering kind of helps.

idk if the stats wise which is considered stronger, but gorgon doesnt give me the feeling that it’s hard to kill, so yeah.


She got some buffs that were completely unnecessary. They’ll probably take part of that away again. I’m guessing the Spider Web radius will be toned down a little, and Acid Spit’s damage will be brought down… Beyond that I don’t really see any issues with her. Her spider trap is annoying, but not lethal without combo’ing heavily. Her mimic is fairly easy to dodge and/or kill.

She’s close to being balanced. More so than Wraith is.


I’m glad you’re having good luck against her. What is your secret?


I never said I was having good luck against her. I merely stated (in my humble opinion) why Gorgon isn’t being brought up more than Wraith is.


Well since gorgon relies on building up damage a good area healer like slim or rogue val can negate alot of it quickly.


Oh ok. I guess I misread then. I was hoping you had advice.

She always seems to beat my team. Though, maybe it’s just me. That could very well be it. I’ve never been terribly good at videogames.


My first battle against Gorgon was pretty much “Not a goddamn spider monster!” and we all made mistakes and died, but since then I’ve kept a 60/40 win rate against them. They are intimidating but a fun enemy to fight.


Against Gorgon EVERYONE’s number 1 priority is ALWAYS the spiderling. Once that is taken care of just don’t face check around a corner if you are chasing her and shes easy. She is only strong when you engage on her terms and by splitting yourself off because some hunter decides to be aggressive.


Pretty much what you said. It’s easy to negate Gorgon damage with a little finesse and healing.


I find having a Maggie on the team trips her up a fair bit, as part of what makes her good is her high mobility and how she can keep on a target, but the harpoons can really mess her up with that.

Markov Mines CAN be good if they catch her out, but Markov is mostly good against her because he can keep the damage on her a lot easier than someone like Parnell. Hyde can be good at dissuading a hard focus, but just be sure that you don’t get hit in a bunch of Gorgon’s abilities or the medic will have to try and heal two of you in trouble.

Sunny is a great support as she can take out the Spiderlings pretty easily, and her booster can help save everyone (but herself of course) from being hard focused.


It may not be so anymore but i know before alot of deployables made her life hell. since there is only so many she can destroy at a time. Bucket maggie, emet should work well for her.