Dogmeat the Direwolf (kinda clickbait, Fallout 4)


Ok, so I was playing fallout 4 with the new mods on Xbox and I was so excited, but I think with this glitch I’ve made my game a lot more interesting.
I used the mod to increase the limit on settlement building. To do that you have to go to the workbench and activate it. Little did I know, it had the animation or command or whatever to shoot down the lightning that is seen when you teleport. And poor Dogmeat happened to be sadly in the way…
Long story short, my Dogmeat got struck and is now almost head height with me and I cannot reverse it, no matter how far I go back in my saves…

Which leaves me with this question…

  • Game=Ruined
  • What have you done…
  • Meh

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At least your MeatyDog is still alive. Mine died after getting lost somewhere on the map.

I also added fallout 4 into the title.


I didn’t know he could die! Could you respawn him with commands?


Not since companions have specific IDs. You have the “base companion” that the specific companion gets copied from. It was too much work and I just worked on romancing Piper and Curie.


Both of them? You dog…

and thanks for the fix


No companion can die. They can get lost though

On that note I have a death claw companion.


I’ve had a lot of weird stuff happen with my companions, but I dunno how my Meaty Dog died. It wasn’t from a battle because then it would show him having no HP and sitting on the ground.

Must have been a mod that I installed that killed him. Mods: 10/broken


Mods = let’s see now much we can fuck up the game.


Wait what how did you get mods on the Xbox version of Fallout 4 this is a feature I did not know about teach me


Learn the glory of the new and improved randy savaged’ed death claw companion!

(Main menu before you load in there is a mods tab)


Hoe Lee Fuk my ears, but all the explosions. So beautiful :scream_cat:

Recently FO4 started allowing mods to be on consoles, I don’t know how to install them, but watch some videos on installing them if you want to know how.


@Rapterror @XplosionIncorporated They’re really easy to install, there’s a new menu on the menu screen, you just pick one from there, restart the game, and it’s ready

where…did you get…that mod…?


Its the any weapon any mod, mod. First have any gun, then under barrel mods, select the Merv. The mini gun Merv is cool as well, but hard to just shoot one, with the spin up time and all.


That was your clip that I was quoting.


Would this destroy my game with that many explosives…?

@XplosionIncorporated wait, quoting what?


It does seem to slow it down, and the will lag after the explosions if you shoot to many, but it catches back up. Haven’t broke my game yet anyway.


Oh sheeeeeet. I’m probably gonna start playing this game again!


I have, I stopped and only started for these mods!


Something similar happened in Skyrim a few years back with “essential” game characters fucking up mid-game. Textures acted funny, in-game models acted weird and physics started being disagreeable. Highly doubt it’s the same thing, but ya never know. Same type of engine has similar restrictions, though, so you never know.

The only solution I know of would be to wait for an update to whatever mod you’re using so that it corrects bugfixes, the follow the procedure for backing up, then resuming a save file. (Basically just save AWAY FROM what you want fixed, save the game making 100% certain the dog is not loaded near you, exit the game, then resume the game and find whatever was broken after the mod in question is updated)

On PC, we could use console commands to reset the NPC and fix it any time, but sadly Xbox and PS4 don’t have that luxury.

PSA from a long-time modder:

Mods of any kind ALWAYS have a chance to conflict with your game and ruin it, no matter what the mod is, so it is highly recommended to ONLY install mods on a brand new save file, BEFORE you begin anything, unless the mod specifically states otherwise. It’s not necessary to start over because you got a new fun gun or made the BOS power armor into Buzz Lightyear, but it almost entirely removes the threat of your game being ruined or becoming unplayable because of the mod.

Also, NEVER use anything that says “Do not use with ‘x’ mod” if you have the conflicting mod installed. Sounds like common sense, but people do it all the time and complain about it.


Yeah, i’m watching out for anything serious, so far just big dogmeat, hopefully it gets fixed but I think he looks pretty cool now