Doesn't load on PC


I just moved into my dorm today, and it seems the website isn’t loading on my PC. It’s fine on mobile, but I can’t view pictures sometimes. It might just be the wifi, but I thought I’d at least check.


If it’s the same on every browser you’re going to want to reach out to your schools network support.


No, it’s literally just these forums. YouTube, Twitter, League of legends, etc all work fine.


Yup, my guess is something is blocked on that network.


Check out other Discourse forums.

If the website is refusing to load the required CSS files then it might simply be a timeout issue.
You say everything else works fine.
Does YouTube stream videos at an acceptable speed? Check the speed of your connection.

Additionally, open the forums again. Right click anywhere and choose ‘Inspect’.
Navigate to the ‘Network’ tab and then hit F5 (or click the refresh button).
The network view will show you which files are causing the biggest strain on your network. It’s fairly straightforward.