Does Your Monster ever FREEZE up whilst attacking?


one game I had the complete upperhand for the first time in ages, with full life, good shield bar, level 3 early in the game, killed lennox and jack once and half the power generator bar destroyed, attacked jack and lennox again and boom with every move I took goliath froze up, happened so much in that critical moment I lost,even clawing at the hunter was goliath raising his arm and holding it there, while the team gave eachother health and shield, Needless to say I wanted to smash something literally I was destroyed. Now Im paranoid it will happen again, hasnt happened since but sure havent had such an advantage since either lol

Is this an issue on my end or is it a bug? My laptop is atleast twice the required specs Im sure, but I can see anything obvious between connection, game and computer, if it was connection speed the game freezes not just the creature I’m playing as and if it was to be hardware I would expect something similar to occur! So Its possible its a game bug but Im not really sure, Could windows 10 be causing issues as I have heard various small issues with compatability.

Ok, thanks and I appreciate any help in resolving this or even getting some idea as to what causes it, Has it ever happened to you? :slightly_smiling: