Does Wraith just feel like complete crap


After they took out the 360 degree hit, wraith has just gone down hill for me, She dosent do enough damage, Wasteland Maggie eats her ass for breakfast. She’s just really weak I feel


Considering last night I was being whined at for being too good with wraith (Which I’m not, I dont even have her elited) it might just be an issue to get used to or something, I wasn’t having too many problems myself…


Well I have played this game forever its probably just my skill build. I love wraith, that 360 degree hurt me


Hey there! I main wraith too, and i completely agree that wraith no longer feels how she should. I can almost never play her cause there have been some serious changes too her, Now i feel wraith is only as good as the perk you choose. Movement speed works best for me, i just feel that against any half decent team, wraith will struggle.


Personally I feel like myself and many other Wraith mains hate how Wraith currently feels but I’ve been assured that something is being done about it to bring more enjoyment to Wraith mains.

Hold out hope my brothers and sisters! :thumbsup:


#####Changed title due to profanity.


She had a bug with her heavy attack - takes more time to apply it

Supernova is less useful because heavy attacks take more to apply

Wraith has suffered also from harpoons

For those reasons she dropped from being the second strongest monster to be one of the worst

Her health also suffers because it take more time to apply strike


Oh but it’s okay though!

To make up for the removal of her speed and sneakiness and hit and run style they gave her more health and armor!

Now she can take the hits she gets as she moves at a snail’s pace!

Meanwhile your Decoy is an idiot, Abduction is about as reliable as a Shotgun shot across the map (this is actually quite accurate because it’s only any good up close or vs idiots at long range) and her Supernova is fancy while Warpblast can be seen coming from a mile away and sidestepped!

Because a slow fat Assassin-like creature is what us Wraith Mains want!

As I’ve said before. I’ll try to hold my tounge until Adap Wraith comes in hopes of a Stealth and speed oriented Wraith. But this will be months from now so…


######Come at me ;_;


Personnally I start understanding when you can or when you really can NOT relly on Decoy…

It’ll focus down medics, it’ll agree to focus nearby medic most of time…

It may agree to focus nearby low-health hunter but anyway… The idea is “don’t expect it to choose a target behind other hunters”.
And “don’t relly on Decoy focusing a non-medic down hunter” . Just in case.

Then, concerning warpblast, I like to aim behind hunters…
They usually jetpack dodge back and by doing so I might hit them with WB lvl1…

Finally, I try to never use Supernova before I see them having wasted their jetpack first.

But, heh, I’m not a pro…


Exactly that. I loved wraith and had some fun with her. Now I find it hard to even get one down against a good team… can’t even break harpoons efficiently anymore! I guess I just gave up because I haven’t played for a while now. I may try Meteor Goliath, see if fun can be found again?


It’s true that those changes in melee are quite unconvenient…

And I really dislike the fact Wraith will melee-aim nearby target instead of “who you’re aiming at” ! ><


I agree. And the harpoons are just horrible, you have to turn around and wait for that heavy melee to break it which takes 20 years while you take tons of damage. And Wraith is one of the monsters with the lowest health and then I don’t think she should be a easy target like that :-/


She’s not what she use to be, I’ve kinda boycotted playing her for a while until those changes happen.



Im just going to drop this here.


I love you.

Also super well played @AuroraSymphony ;w;


The scary thing, is Auroora (to my knowledge, feel free to correct me here lol), doesnt even really practice Wraith heavily (not compared to kraken anyways) :open_mouth:


As stated in like 2 posts from me, I really, really don’t think that she’s that bad. Why is it only coming up now? There were only bug fixes for her this patch. Unless I’m blind as a bat and completely missed all these “nerfs” that suddenly made her “bad”


I literally clicked on this link in twitch 5 minutes before I saw this post. That is some seriously good Wraith play. If you can play like that it should put to rest most of the passing comments about Wraith being terrible :smiley_cat:


my number one most hated thing about wraith is…


The animation is badly suited as an air attack and it doesn’t even hit sometimes.

i switch from playing an assassins playstyle to a hit and run play style it’s just how she feels to me right now.

With the changes to decoy stealth will be even less because after this decoy change it will make me have to play a very aggressive play style.

And I’m not saying she’s bad I can beat premades with her it’s just that air melee bugs with abduct and uselessness of supernova must be dealt with espically the air melee (hate it so much >_>)