Does water mask the monster's scent to stop Daisy?


If I go in water can Daisy still smell me? Your footprints don’t show up but what about your smell?


i think Daisy does not need footprints or Smell to find the monster. She will zero in on you no matter what.


Yes but she will pick you up where you leave the water if she is close enough.


If I remember this right, Daisy has a smell radius that detects tracks around her, even ones made in stealth that only she can see. Walking in water does not leave tracks, but if you stealth into a river then exit on the other side that just means Daisy will follow your tracks until you enter the river, and due to this smelling ability she can detect the tracks on the other side instantly meaning you don’t accomplish anything that way. In order to lose Daisy you would need to travel a greater distance in water to leave her smelling radius.


Exactly this.

Daisy has a Detection Range. All footprints- even stealthed ones- can be detected by her. She will travel to the footrpint that is newest- has been there the shortest amount of time, but will walk more slowly when following stealthprints. However, going through acid, water, leaping or warping leaves no detectable Daisytrail, and she cannot follow you. If there are no Daisyprints in her area, she’ll get a ? over her head and stop tracking. When a print comes into her range she’ll follow it again.

So @Amigo No, that’s not true. @ConanTheKing So in short, yes- if you travel far enough in water, Daisy will not be able to follow you.

I think her detection range is about 60m. Could be wrong. I think @Plaff knows?


Should be more meters otherwise daisy would be completely useless against a wraith as he can travel without marks for more meters.


Warp still leaves a smell trail. The smell isn’t shown on screen but it’s a seperate entitiy to the foot prints. Only Daisy can see it and that’s what she follows to the monster. Daisy will become confused if a monster travels a long distance in the water. Leaping, flying, warping over water does nothing to hide scent.


There are only a couple of maps that even have 60m long water lines.


You cant hide from her. Go into the water or whatever shell find you eventually. Its an ai creature you cant fool it.