Does Val still seem weak to u?


The title is self explanatory


No, not at all. She’s still very good and really good on the chase.


explain ur position pls


Nope, Tranq darts still do too much work. Rogue Val still seems weaker than Val, but not UP.


She’s got amazing healing. Her CC is really good and it makes it really easy to get away.


No she’s easily the strongest medic in the game right now. She could use a bit of dialing back and some small buffs to the rest of the medical team.


personally, I think rogue Val is best against meteor Goliath really


Strong heal other, strong self sustain, and strong utility. Easily the best Medic by most accounts.


I don’t see her as the strongest medic. I would say emet is now from my experience. Although there isn’t really suppose to be a strongest medic, they are all suppose to be equal


Rogue val and Slim are pretty much direct counters to Meteor Goliath due to their consistent area healing. Lot of fun to play as, but Slim is a little weak right now.


Does the healing drone work on hunters who are on fire, I’ve never seen it used that way before. Also, slim does seen a little bit weak


I haven’t played much EMET yet or seen enough of him to really make a strong opinion on him (life’s been busy) but compared to Val, the rest of the medics just aren’t as good. They’re not bad, and for the most part viable (Slim and Laz could use some work though) but Val is just that much stronger that it makes all of the other medics feel weak even if they aren’t.

As for Slim’s drone… I THINK if its just residual burn it may work to some degree, but if the hunter is in the direct path of flames then it will be destroyed instantly. I need to do some more looking into that.


Weak? I dunno man…Pretty sure she can kill a man with so much as look at them. She’s one of those girls you don’t screw with.


Provided everyone is doing their job she’s absolutely fine. If someone is being hard focused with no support aside from her medgun? Well, there’s no Medic in the world who could keep them up.


I know it won’t work against a fire breath. I haven’t played Regular val a lot of a time (last time I played her alot was when I was working her masteries). I haven’t played has any of the other medics a lot for a long time besides emet so I can’t how much as change with them. My problem with refusal Val is that I feel her rifle doesn’t do enough damage and her medgun might not heal fast enough


I wanted to keep it that way


Alright then.


Now what’s ur opinion of Val


Val is much stronger than Emet. If you play a good monster he can keep Emet in check.
Emet Is very balanced though.


I gues my problem with Val is that she is still very depended on the other hunters for her survival ability