Does Turtle Rock Studios need a janitor?


Seriously? I’ve had fibromyalgia for the last 20 years, and I have the MOST physically obscene job you could ever have. I’d love to quit this job. Any chance I could come mop floors and keep the place clean? I come with many other skills such as a Class B CDL, A+ Certification, 20+ years of forklift experience, Marine Corps Expert Marksman, some leather crafting skills (actually I was thinking about making a tooled ammo pouch with one of the class insignia on it), and a generally outgoing and friendly demeanor. I’d rather mop up the crap from people doing something enjoyable with their lives than continue another day of killing myself for people who don’t appreciate it.


(if i was the big boss at turtle rock)

“hmm nice nice nice…20+years forklift nice…ok ok …WHAT! Expert Markman?!? You start tomorrow”



We know who the next support is now xD all hail the mighty Morg !!!


Only if I get to have cybernetic versions of my legs and spine :D!


Helicopter legs to allow floating, and a chainsaw spine <3


Sure you start tomarrow. Tomarrow means when I get to own Turtle Rock Studios. :smiley:


I worked as a Janitor in an elementary school when I was in High school, that was fun. Maybe try to get a lead in a school, if you are head custodian in a school you can make good money. My boss started at 17 dollars an hour


Right now I make 21$ an hour. Like I said, I have skills. Give me a 200,000$ loan and I could turn it into 3 mil in five years.


Oh, well you are set then :wink:


Don’t think so… -