Does TRS have any space left for new hunters?


I know on consoles have certain restrictions on how much space a game can have (a max number of GB)

I was just wondering, can trs even do a tier 6? Enough space left?


I would think they could yes. I play on XB1 and the game is 30 some GB with all the updates right now, and I have some games on my XB1 like ESO that is I think almost 80 or at least 70.


I’ve never heard of a limit for a video game even for consoles.


I have no idea if its true or not, but I was always told that the 360 could only make a game so big. So I have heard things like this in the past. I just don’t know if it is true or not.


i will delete all my games on ps4 ( not evolve ) just for more content for evolve :stuck_out_tongue:


well, a good example is bf4

They can no longer but any more content on last gen because they have a certain limit on how much space they can take up…

If you think about it, it does make sense. If some game developer release a 100gb update, will no one can play any other game…


thats what i did

Deleted The Order of 1886 (more like a movie than a game)

And COD Aw (disgraceful)


If Halo 5 can have a 50+ gb install, then TRS is fine


Last gen sure, but this isn’t on last gen Consoles.


they probably have same restrictions


Even if they did they are so high that Evolve is not going to be even close to those. There are already massive games for both sets of consoles.


If Ark can have 100+ dinosaurs…then I think a console can handle more hunters :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t know that. That’s so sad of consoles! Appalling, really.


Yeah that’s why the kala video wasn’t made so I’ve heard to leave space…

I think each game on console can only hold so much data because ps4 & xb1 aren’t pc’s so you don’t want to bottleneck them so they blow up!


That is misinformation. Here is the answer they gave. It sounds like they are moving away from having those videos and it’s not to save space, so that it might conflict with something that isn’t a thing with space requirements, but to have smaller downloads for players as well.


I hope they put it on the consoles soon,people were struggling how to use the teleporter properly.


Yup, that happened to me, it took three games to learn how to use them (and I still have questions).
I’m against not having the tutorial videos in general, though I’d rather them have them updated than eliminated.

I also really don’t care if patch downloads of new characters are bigger, they’re supposed to be. Would every patch be affected by the growing size? I mean, does it download the videos again with each title update?


I have 5 TB of memory for Xbox one. So I say bring it on


well, a 500gb console can hold about 5-6 games (full games)
Not including updates which is nothing


Literally took me 30 seconds to figure out how the portal worked. If I can do it then so can anybody.

Also this game is making me want to upgrade my PS4s hard drive space. I never thought I would fill it up. But I had to delete some stuff to make room for all the content.