Does TRS have a plan?

This means more gorgon players which means more exp against her which means quicker counters come into play.

that is true, except there will barely be any hunters to play against her because everyone will be playing gorgon

Randoms maybe. Premades? Doubt it.

the continuous cycle of new things would be great… if it were continuous.

i feel like we need some adaptions to keep things fresh while we wait for other adaptions.

teasing us with a fifth monster two months before its release and then going silent for a month and a half is NEVER a good idea, and i am sure trs understood that

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I thought that the release of blitz markov and rouge Val would keep people playing hunter while people play gorgon but like everyone said, they are being released later so I have no idea how it’s gonna stay balanced.

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Just think though, if you want to play Hunter it’s going to be so easy to find games.

Just like Meteor Goliath was between Jack and Gorgon.

Now we get two “new” characters between Gorgon and presumably the Medic sometime in December. So that makes me wonder if there’s a Maggie variation in the works or not that might be coming between the T5 Medic and the Support.

I wish they had a mode for “put me into a hunt match as fast as possible”. Right now I can choose either hunter, or monster, sometimes, I don’t care, so let me pick what will get me playing the fastest. Letting people explicitly pick is fine too, just let us get into a game asap if that is what we want.

Also… put an estimated wait time, and perhaps offer people a spot as a hunter, or as a monster while they’re waiting. Maybe give us a mini game while we wait…

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@Takran Has it right in that I feel they want to space content. Remember, they’ve had a good success for releasing 1 character at a time instead of all at once. Too many people consider the T4 all release at once as a disaster so they are doing something else. The short answer is that TRS/2K will always have armchair forumites saying that they could do things better and what not even if it was the right choice. I think spacing them out is just fine and people that complain about having to wait at most, 4 weeks for 2 free characters kinda makes me sick to my stomach.


Yes. I believe it’s the Same plan they have every day…try to take over the world

i dont mind waiting for each character individually, but what I predict will happen at release is monsters players will flood the game and the 4-1 ratio will not remain the same

Possibly, but thats the cost for releasing content systematically to introduce less elements at once unfortunately.

just checked the patch notes… does that rogue val and blitz markov are coming tommorow?

They said sometime between Nov. 3rd and Thanksgiving. When those dates are specifically has not been said.

why would that be included in the patch notes then? tommorow is nov 3rd :val:

Patch notes don’t mention 3 deployables or other stuff that was included. I’m guessing the patch notes are just a rough draft.

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this is exactly what it says right under hunters, btw, she misspelt deployable

“Rogue” Rouge is makeup

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