Does this game have dedicated servers?


I live in Australia, i keep finding games with Americans and Europeans. Which makes me lag its even worse when i play as the monster. Also I have never met a fellow Aussie in the game. So does this game have dedicated servers im confused.


Really? I only ever meet other Aussies. I think I’ve had like one American and two Spanish dudes in two hundred hours of gameplay.


Im dead serious. Me and my mate only find Americans, not sure why but it’s very annoying.


Not sure what’s up with that then. I think we do have dedicated servers. @MacMan Do we?


I read the 2k FAQ page and it said it did. I Just find it weird that i keep getting games with Americans. Its the only game ive had this problem with.


What platform? We have seen a few people with their Steam regions set to the wrong location, and that’ll put you into the wrong servers. Worth checking if you’re on PC.



Why am I so dumb? I switched to UK servers for downloads since mine were screwing me over… :joy:


Im on Xbox one