Does this game have a future?


Evolve is one of my most wanted games next to Bloodborne. I have enjoyed the alpha and can’t wait for the game release.

But i have some concerns.
Can a full priced MP only game with DLC really survive for long? or will it fall on its arse? If you look at all the long lasting MP only games on PC(MOBA’s, Counter strike, TF2 ect) they all have something in common. They are cheap or free and tend to update for free.

So the big question is how will Turtle rock handle DLC? Are they going to charge silly amounts with season passes and map packs? Or did they learn from there time with Valve?

Will they also allow custom maps?

If done right this game could have a bright future, especially on PC. Or it could be forgotten like that other game. Titanwhat?


Well, i can only talk for myself, but this game is an insanely amount of fun, i will buy this game fullprize and buy every fckin DLC content they release. Im 26 by now, and this is the only game so far that got me hooked so much that it is well worth my cash. Future? What is the future of a game? As long as i can play the game and find player to play with thats all i want.
People seem to think “When a game is not top 10 on twitch its dead and i should stop playing it!”, but thats just… well, thats not what gaming is about. Have some fun, and thats all that its about.
This game is even fun when i lose (as long as im able to put up a good fight), and thats a feeling that i didnt get since… well, hard to say, Don’t starve i guess.


DLC is a non-issue: DLC Buyers Anonymous (A DLC FAQ)

Evolve will be just fine. Fun games last. Titanfall’s only problem was releasing too early. However, you can still easily find games. Evolve looks like it will be a much more polished game on release. Also, at least from the PC side, if they eventually let people run servers they will have no problem staying alive.


Short answer: Yes.

long answer: Ofcourse.


Well i hope you are right because i would hate to see this game go into DLC hell.


Dlc’s are maybe 3 or 4 euro’s ( 5$ ) so nothing really.

(map dlc’s are free)


Even if its more. Back then you purchased like a 30€ add on and had a lot of new content. Now you have a bunch of stuff for 5-10€ to choose from and take what you want, without destroying your game experience or decrease the gamerpool.


Evolves future is brighter than the northern star.

I hope they add mod support at some point. I want to see what amazing things people can do c:


Long lasting games are long lasting because they’re fun. For every counter strike there were dozens of other games that were equally free and didn’t make it off the ground. For every titanfall or whatever there is a world of warcraft or call of duty franchise sustaining a player base for multi player.

People focus too much on the money, and not enough on the content.


That would be awesome. I wouldn’t want it right out the gate, but once they decide it’s time to fully focus on their next big title, it would be sweet if they open up mod support to let people continue to make things.


TRS are known for making long lasting games, definitely :wink:


Considering you can play L4D to this day and it doesn’t have the crazy team compositions or anything, yea I think it’s going to last.


I thought for sure from the title that this post was gonna be troll-bait. Glad it’s not :smile:
All I can say for sure is I put in about 30 hours in this alpha and, even with matchmaking hell and 2/3 or less of the game that we’ll get on release, I was still having a lot of fun, still learning, still improving my own skills. In fact my very last match showed me a weakness in my Kraken strategy that I hadn’t run in to yet. I wanted to play it when I got home from work today. During my work day I was mulling over in my mind how I really need to learn to use orbital strike defensively as well as offensively. I’m hooked. I’m all in. Evolve has “the juice”. I’m hoping/expecting for it to take the place of TF2 and L4D for me, both of which I played for an embarrassing number of hours.

Interestingly, I was looking at some comments on general gaming websites and seems like there’s some hate out there for Evolve, and/or a lot of people who think it can’t be worth full price. A lot of them sounded like they didn’t actually know anything about it, they treated it like it was another generic FPS, which it clearly isn’t, even to the casual observer. Others were people who played the Big Alpha and still were saying it sucked or it was only worth $25. A lot of those said it was boring. And not the lobby, the gameplay. I admit if you go 15 minutes without seeing the monster, that can be frustrating, but it didn’t happen often for me. I suppose in a way this is going to be a niche product, sort of, because you’re not going to be able to just pop in and go crazy and expect to do well. There’s a learning curve, and the instant gratification types aren’t going to like that. So… it’s not going to be another Call of Duty. Well, I doubt that TRS expected to make another CoD nor was that really their goal. The people that are saying it sucks and is boring probably would never buy a game like Evolve no matter how amazing it was because it just isn’t their bag. The people who say it’s not worth $60 often seem like they either didn’t play it much in the Alpha, or they’re forgetting that more content is coming, including new game modes and custom games which potentially could dramatically increase the appeal and longevity of the game. Or else they’re broke-ass college kids. :slight_smile:

Anyway, while I’m not sure Evolve is going to live all the way up to its hype (because that may not be possible at this level of hype-ness), so far, this gamer feels they’ve got a knockout brewing that will be amazing to play for at least a couple of years to come if not longer.


Thanks for the kind words!


it completely depends on how well stats and matchmaking are implemented as well as the final balance of the game and if people think it can be taken seriously competitively. L4D and L4D2 has a competitive scene, and it was a game that could be played competitively with moderately decent balance, but it still wasn’t taken seriously. It’s important that people can respect it and often that first takes the devs respecting it and encouraging it. L4D competitive began to rely on mods and private servers and anything like that isn’t going to generate much of a following.


Are you allowed to say at this point how you are going to handle DLC?


CS started out as a mod dude… player generated content is what gives games the most followers. Just look at Minecraft. Shi**y looking, basic, grindy… but it gives players freedom to create what they want, and now it’s like the most popular game ever. Skyrim is another example of a game with a community of modders that keeps a single player game alive even though there’s no competitive side to it at all.

I’m not saying the devs can’t make these mods themselves, which would probably be of better quality. The difference is that the devs are employed and someone has to pay for their time, unless they develop on their free time as well. And as we know - is the mod good and popular enough, someone will pay to keep development going. Like CS.


You know they also worked on CS right? like the textures and the bots :slight_smile:



I entirely agree with you; however, I think we are confusing the kind of mods used for the L4D competitive scene and the mods you are referring to. L4D mods changed [only] the balance of the game to make it harder for survivors (no health packs, lower spawn timers, weapon limits) ONLY benefitting [certain] competitive players and wasn’t very forgiving/fun to many newcomers/casuals. Mods like these, I believe, actually split communities rather than build them. CS, and games like it, are so popular (and successful) because they are balanced vanilla-- a casual can play the exact same game as a professional.

I think Evolve has an awesome future and I foresee myself playing many many hours. As for Evolve turning into an e-sport…well, I think that depends on how well the game is balanced for players at both ends of the spectrum (without a community determining the rules or how to balance the game for only a select few) and if this is what TRS really wants to happen with their game. Either way, Evolve is just plain fun and I can’t wait to play more. Keep up the awesome work TRS!