Does this game have a dumb recoil feature, or is this just a case of bad registration...?


I’m not sure if anyone else has ran into this issue, but I sure as hell run into this a lot and I’d like to get to the bottom of this @Macman or @SlabOMeat. Whenever I play Val, I am constantly getting this feeling like my shots are missing when they shouldn’t be. Very few of you have seen my 258 tranq duration (pre-tranq buff) video but I sure as hell know how to shoot even with this game’s really ludicrous mouse settings/zoom sensitivity options. Also want to note that Val still isn’t viable against a serious monster.

To get to the point… I’m missing tranq shots that I swear should be landing when I’m scoped. Here is a quick video featuring the said problem.

Even when you slow it down… It’s hard to tell if I missed or not. Well, I decided to use VLC’s frame by frame feature, and noticed that my first shot missed (even with the recoil).

However, the second shot I take…

[size=16]This is the frame right before I take the shot. Notice how I’m at the base of the monster?[/size]

[size=16]This is the exact next frame. You can see in the bottom the [LM] signaling I left-click. Now my reticle is far off from the base of the monster.[/size]

I didn’t move my mouse in such an erratic motion to warrant my reticle being that far off when I clicked. Even such, it looks like the center is still covering over a tendril over the monster’s head. I could be wrong on that… but why would there be such an erratic recoil feature like this especially when I’m not even quickly firing. These are also suppose to be extremely professional/famous hunters so why can’t we control a simple tranq-firing gun from recoiling out of control, if that is the case.

After firing, my reticle returns to the exact spot it was before. With minor mouse movement. I even get out of ironsights because I figured I landed it, but I didn’t switch weapons because I’ve ran into this issue many times before and would screw myself with the long reload time of the tranq gun because somehow it missed. Quickly realizing my shots didn’t register… I take my third and final shot.

[size=16]This is the frame right before the third shot. Again, notice how I’m at the base of the monster?[/size]

[size=16]This is the exact frame that I click.[/size]

Again, minimal mouse movement to not warrant this supposed reticle movement. As you can see in the image… my reticle has gone off to fucking Narnia. Yet somehow, this one lands. Unfortunately the image isn’t too great (720p stretched to 1080p monitor) so I either suspect that my reticle is aiming at some part of the Kraken’s wings… or it registered my shot from where I was aiming from the frame before.

So what’s going on here… TRS? Is there some registration(Goliath missing…) problems in the game or is there an annoying/dumb recoil feature that we are never informed of since it happens so quickly that we don’t notice our shit is bouncing like some kid’s party castle.

1.3 Val OP/Balanced

Been wondering about this, I miss all the time with these tranqs, it seems like sometimes they’re hitscan and other times they feel delayed. There’s something funky about them anyway


From what I’ve experienced, they are hitscan. However, unlike Griffin’s harpoons (Which are significantly easier to hit) the tranq gun fires smaller hitboxes. Much smaller than Griffin’s.


Looking into this now…


I feel the same way when I’m using Abes Dartgun.


same as me when I try to harpoon him with griffin!

I need to aim at the upper body of Kraken to connect the shots … the legs and wings always seem to wiff.


Looking at the weapon file, the only thing I see that could potentially be an issue is a spread modifier when you rotate that is applied to the weapon when fired from the hip (this would still affect zoomed in numbers). It doesn’t seem to be doing anything but just in case, I zeroed it out and that’ll be in the second micropatch update.

Abe’s dart gun has a similar modifier, but his is actually in the zoomed mode. Also zeroed that one out.


Alright! Just want to clarify something though. With the tranq gun/armor-piercing sniper (Both from Val) while zoomed in, is it (supposed to be) 100% accurate regardless? Meaning that if I’m falling/jetpacking and shoot while zoomed it should travel exactly where the center of my reticle was.


There are jetpack spread penalties on both.


Alright thank you. Would there be a possibility to get a spread indicator available in a patch for it? Similar to how if we’re hip-firing we see arrows showing how big the spread is.


Let me spend some time with it today to see what it’s actually doing.


Griffins Harpoon also has spread?



Thank you :slight_smile:


Not that I know of. Griffin’s harpoon is really easy to land compared to everything else mentioned here. Never had trouble with it. Then again, I barely use it on Kraken.


I have problems with the harpoon gun against Kraken, but I don’t think it’s spread, I think Kraken has weird/unfavorable hit registration on his tentacles.


The radius on his autoattacks is excessive! I’ve seen it happened countless times, perfect harpoons on the back getting cleared with his heavy attack aimed foward.

I might do a video on this.


I can agree to this. His regular attacks will clear harpoons behind him.


I’ve had problems with it on rolling behe aswell, nothing else, just him