Does the wraith remind you of a xenomorph? or is it just me?


big alien fan btw, it would be awesome to have them in an onyx black skin, hint hint :wink:


Actually, when I originally saw her that’s exactly what she reminded me of. Glad I’m not the only one!


cause i got into a random game as her and someone must have chosen the carnivore skin, cause i was like ooooooohhhhhh nice :heart_eyes:


Its the slender frame and dome-head, I’m sure everyone sees it.


im fine with the boobs, but did they have to make em double D?!!? i would have been happy with B cups >.> double D’s and perky they’ve gone too far!! :scream:


They should have given her six of them.


Hello, I am Behemoth (Akantor)

and I am Goliath (Deviljho)


i will not acknowledged you, faul beast begone with your filthy bugs!!! :rage: