Does the wraith really need a nerf?


So far playing as hunters iv had no problems tracking and killing wraiths. iv played over 100+games so far and most of the times we only lose when people don’t know how to counter a monster.

Most new players when playing a hunter burn all their jet pack fuel and don’t save it for when it is needed to dodge the key high damage skills like Supernova. if every one is avoiding Supernova then the wraith is really easy to take out.

We will see this as time go’s and players start to learn how to play the game and avoid the right skills. and when every one has maxed perks this will make wraith even easier to beat.

And we will see less and less people complain about it. i for one don’t want to see the wraith changed and i play main as a medic.


no, they dont need a nerf, today i killed 5 wraiths and 3 gorgons, people cry too much, they need to practice more.


I haven’t played enough to give my thoughts on whether it’s OP/UP, both as Wraith and against Wraith. And even then, I would suggest everyone give it more time. The beta is fresh- the ‘Higher skill’ playerbase hasn’t been fully established yet, and a lot of newcomers into the game -really- influences how matches are going right now in terms of deducing balance.

Just because one has played a lot doesn’t mean they have a good grasp of balance. The worst player in the world can play 1000 games and still not know what proper balance is. Wait for TRS to get some data numbers before jumping on a bandwagon.


I agree with you and the OP, but think of all the new players and old players who haven’t played this game in a long time. The Wraith is a bit much for them. The devs are going to temporarily nerf the wraith until they can rework it.

This game is definitely balanced for competitive but this leads to perveived unbalance for the casual players, who cry when they are being pub stomped.