Does the Trapper have a passive buff for movement speed?


And if so do the other Hunters have a sort of buff around them?

Do the Monsters have a passive buff for them however small?

Some have been saying that the Trapper has their own passive speed buff vs the other hunters.


No. All hunters have the same base stats in regards to jetpack, movement speed and health. Differences between hunters are limited to their 4 equipment slots.

EDIT: Behemoth has a slower movement speed, a slower attack speed, deals more damage on melee hits, and the traversals recharge differently for each monster. (Behemoth has a bar instead of 3 charges, doesn’t recharge while in use and the recharge is delayed after ending the effect, Wraith’s traversal recharges the fastest in combat, whereas I think Goliath’s recharges the slowest short of behemoth) Also each monster has a different sized health pool. Other primary differences are: The 4 ability slots, the traversal ability, and melee attacks. (Different hit boxes and different knock backs) All monsters have the same smell range and pounce damage.


This. They experimented with that early on but decided it was a bad idea, for various reasons.

They are wrong. Tell them that and record their reactions. :stuck_out_tongue: