Does the ranking system reset itself?


Does the bronze,silver, and gold ranking system randomly reset itself or just changes for no reason ?


It’s adjusted based on how you win/lose.


But I’m saying does it bug out a lot and rests what u have ?


I have not seen a bug reported like that, no.


I think I’ve heard of it resting in the past


Then why did you ask if you have already heard of it happening?


I wanted to make sure if it still happens. I wa hoping someone would tell me


Xbox had an issue at the release of the game where player’s data/leaderboard info was erased randomly. That has long since been fixed, I believe.

Other than that, all I can think of is sometimes you log onto Evolve and it does not read your 2k account, temporarily showing your rank as “Determining.” It never actually resets your progress.


Yes my silver rank was reseted to Determining rank about 1 month ago. But after few restarts it came back


Did it ever go back to bronze?


The bug that you are thinking of is a server glitch where it fails to grab your data. It puts you down as determining rank, but after a few restarts or just reconnecting to the servers after a short period, it will grab your data properly.

There is no current bug that resets your progress permenantly that I am aware of.


We have a friend and he would not agree with you. He still stuck at Silver skilled, we all going forward and get 1 up to 5 points. He gets every round one point every round! Even if we fight Silver Master…a joke this ranking system…


For some reason I’m master and elite bronze when I feel I should be around mid silver. Maybe it playing with all the low level newcomers that got me down