Does the PS4 get anything?


Now before the XBOX fanboys start going ballistic on me for owning a PS4 I just want to say do you guys have something against sony? I mean an alpha for PC and a BETA for XBOX ONE. Does the PS4 get anything? It’s bad enough this game is turning into CoD with XBOX getting DLC 1 month early.


its 2k’s decision not TRS. they are all offers for incentives to get content first. doesn’t mean you won’t get it eventually. Chillax my friend PS4 seems to be gearing up for the best expierence for evolve in my opinion. The others are trying to grab attention. PC is getting the alpha for performance purposes. Xbox is struggling to do anything right so they are desperate for exclusives. Plus if you count all the betas’s on ps4 vs xbone i think ps4 has more betas and “pre-order to unlock dlc early” than xbox does.


Your right sorry I used to play a lot of CoD so I still get irked whenever XBOX gets DLC first.


its dumb but if you were offered 100k to give a one month early access to dlc content for one console would you turn it down as a publisher? Hell no the game needs the funding to make it perfect which is what we WANT. More $ = more DLC hunters/ monsters.


microsoft almost certainly paid for their exclusive beta. The developers certainly don’t take part in the console wars or have anything against the PS4. They are passionate about making the best game possible, another corporation helping with funding certainly helps them do this.


Every console gets their exclusives, and Evolve just happens to be with Xbox. Also, I’d guess that PC got the Alpha because TRS needed to make sure different kinds of PCs can perform well while playing Evolve. With exclusives, you win some, you lose some.

PS. You seem to be the one starting the console war, not the “Xbox fanboys,” and that is coming from a PS4 owner.


Keep in mind the only DLC they get first is the maps, which are free anyways. So for me, that’s not a huge issue. I’m also a PS4 player and I’m fine with Xbox getting maps early.

It’s also very highly likely that PS4 will have some sort of Alpha test to make sure everything works as it should. There’s just been no details on that yet


I’m not trying to start a console war.


Think of it as Microsoft is paying money to make the entire game better for all platforms, and the only downside for you, as a non xbone consumer, is to wait a little longer for some content.


I guess the upside could be that the XBOX is BETA testing the maps for the entire community.


I’m a PS4 owner as well and yes it is frustrating not getting anything, but this is something to take to 2k, not TRS. Also, someone had to get beta tests and it has only been said that XB will get beta the beta 1st, not necessarily exclusively.


The really good news though, is while the timing for consoles is off, exclusivity is not. Believe me - many games like assassin’s creed focus hard on inaccessible content based on things like console and time of preorder really stink a lot more than release dates.

On the bright side, look at it this way: you’ll have a chance to see the DLC in action before it comes out, and you can decide if you want it. Plus, they may announce something nice for PS4 as well!


People keep saying XBOX and PS4… what are these things? Are they like… different PCs or something?



The only exclusive content i enjoyed for once was soul caliburs bonus characters. I thought it was awesome to see each platforms all-star show up (except that wierd star wars one they did. they eventually dlc’d darth vader and yoda to each console respectively) but before that nintendo got link, xbox got…spawn? i think and sony got kratos. I can’t exactly remember XD


Yeah, they’re the poor man’s gaming PC lol


Yeah, as an X1 owner I’m happy I’ll get DLC/beta access first but there are plenty of instances where it’s the opposite (example: Destiny). As a single-console owner, it sucks when a game I like has timed exclusives for the other console but as an adult I understand why that type of thing happens. Microsoft or Sony does it because they want fans of the game/series to buy the game on their console. Publishers and developers accept money from Microsoft or Sony because hey, they need to keep the lights on.


sometimes betas arent even worth playing. it can lead to people being turned off by the games direction or falsely lead them to think the game is going to suck because they see it as a demo with no glitches or bugs instead of seeing it as a tester and actively searching for those bugs to help the developers. A great example is Battlefield Hardline beta. the e3 preview looked great but the beta made everyone laugh at how much of a dlc it is to Battlefield 4. So that awesome first hands on Beta now lost all hype if it ever had any.


Yea, I was annoyed as well but when I heard that they DON’T get exclusive time with the new monsters/hunters, that makes me a lot happier since maps are going to be free anyways.


There’s gonna be more than 12 at launch and that’s more than enough for me. Waiting an extra month isn’t going to be an issue at all


you people…